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Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill | February 23, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Rose and Joe’s Secret to Love

Rose and Joe Girimonte
Established 1955

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” 
VIctor Hugo

Rosalie “Rose” was born in Richmond, California, where she and Joe first met.  Joe’s family had relocated to Richmond and Joe became friends with Rose’s older brother Ray.  Joe paid Rose no notice except as his pal’s kid sister. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight given the circumstances. However, after high school graduation Joe joined the Navy and while on leave in Richmond he saw Rose’s high school graduation photo and couldn’t believe his eyes.  It of course is only fitting that their first date was a double date with her brother Ray and his girlfriend. During the date, when things got quiet in the backseat with the other couple smooching, Joe took the opportunity to serenade Rose with his Ukulele.

Joe and Rose were married in 1955, their first dance was to a song that they recalled had the sound of both Big Band and Frank Sinatra swing. Together they settled in Sacramento where they had their children April, born in 1958 and Michael in 1960.  They later moved to Atherton where their third child, Angela was born in 1966. The Girimonte’s have since been blessed with eight grandchildren from their three children.

Joe states that “Rose has made my life better by being a wonderful friend, wife and mother. She has always been a fun person.”

Special thanks to Mary Ann Ashby, Personal Expressions Assistant at Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill for interviewing Rose and Joe for their Resident Spotlight Article.