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Carlton Senior Living Poet's Corner Pleasant Hill | January 26, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Honoring Our Poet’s Corner Activity Leader

This week we celebrate National Activity Professionals Week by taking a moment to honor our amazing Personal Expression Managers, Memory Care Programming Managers and Memory Care Programming Assistants at our various communities. 

Taking the time, day in and day out, to focus on enriching the lives of our residents by promoting overall wellness through physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual engagement these associates support our social model and vision to love, honor and provide in the quality of life for our residents.

Today we honor our Carlton Senior Living Poet’s Corner community Memory Care Programming Manager Toni Jones.

Toni shared with us her personal motivation to embark on a career in the field of activities. Having been the primary caregiver for her grandparents for 12 years, both of whom had a memory impairment diagnosis. She took on the responsibility of making meals three times a day, socializing with them with outings, crafts, games and sharing stories with one another. Although their memories faded and her grandmother did not know who she was anymore she still focused on the time they had together and how wonderful it was. She was motivated to seek a job within the field that aligned with her experience.

Toni used this inspiration and decided to apply for the position of a caregiver at Carlton Senior Living. She began her journey at Carlton splitting her full time position between care giving and activities. For the past three years she has held the position of Memory Care Programming Manager at our Poet’s Corner location. Poet’s Corner is the only Carlton community that offers full Memory Care services to residents with beginning, moderate and advanced needs related to the diagnosis of memory impairment and the progression of it.

For Toni, her favorite part of the position is being able to enrich her resident’s lives by all that she is able to do in the activity department, focusing each day on keeping them smiling and happy. This is an aspect, for Toni that she is truly most proud of. She reflects on hearing others share that they love something from the bottom of their heart. For her she believes in putting all the love she can, with her whole heart, towards enriching the lives of her residents, their families and her co-workers.

Toni shares that managing activities here at Carlton has been an amazing experience. She is thankful that she is able to be empowered to do all that she does and that she has the most amazing team to help her further enrich the lives of our residents. “I have not stopped smiling with everything I do here at Poet’s Corner nor has my team. I thank God for everything that I am blessed with now, in the future and for everyone around me.”




Toni’s life motto is, “Do unto others as you want unto you, be helpful always, be better than you were yesterday and have respect and love for all.” She is focused on building trust with others so that they know they can depend on her for anything. That is truly how she “lives her life” be it in her professional role or personally.

Toni thank you for all the joy, creativity and passion you bring to our residents, their families and associates. You are appreciated!