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Carlton Senior Living Sacramento | January 24, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Honoring our Sacramento Activity Leaders

This week we celebrate National Activity Professionals Week by taking a moment to honor our amazing Personal Expression Managers, Memory Care Programming Managers and Memory Care Programming Assistants at our various communities. 

Taking the time, day in and day out, to focus on enriching the lives of our residents by promoting overall wellness through physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual engagement these associates support our social model and vision to love, honor and provide in the quality of life for our residents.

Today we honor our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento and Carlton Senior Living Sacramento Enhanced communities by recognizing our Personal Expressions Manager Roiee Dunham, as well as our Memory Care Programming Assistants Graeme Gurr and Veronica Spencer.


Our Personal Expressions Manager Roiee Dunham was motivated to pursue a job in the activities field by her love of hosting, running and planning events. Her first job was in activities and her second was in a party store, for her, being in this role at this stage is coming full circle. Prior to coming on, eight months ago as our Personal Expressions Manager she was a Personal Expressions Bus Driver at our Carlton Senior Living Davis community. This role prepared her for the current success in her management role because even as a bus driver she was able to host big events, offer her feedback to the programming manager and see her visions come to life for the residents. One of the favorite activities she created was “Going Rogue with Roiee” in which she would pick local events or outings to surprise the residents with and truly “Go Rogue” to explore the adventure, focus on living their life and enjoying every second. This would come as no surprise that her favorite aspect of being a Personal Expressions Manager is being able to bring interesting programming with variety for her residents to enjoy.

Some of her contributions that she is most proud of since starting in her role are; creating the “Double Dog Dare Ya Challenge” which raised over $100 for the Alzheimer’s Association in their efforts to Walk to End Alzheimer’s, establishing a partnership with the West Coast Falconry to bring about interesting engagement and learning opportunities for our residents, adding in the outing of going to the local YMCA for swimming and of course, and last but not least, as her photo to the right showcases the Carnival day that allowed our residents and families to get to know our Managers more and their special talents.

Approaching each day always focused on trying her best, her life motto is “Life is too short to stay where you are unhappy.”
Roiee thank you for all the joy, creativity and passion you bring to our residents, their families and associates. You are appreciated!


Our Memory Care Programming Assistant Graeme Gurr began working as a Personal Caregiver in 2008 in a Senior Living Home in the East of England. After a couple of months, his manager asked if he would like the opportunity to become their ‘Activity Coordinator’ – with the reason being that Graeme “had a special way with the residents.” Naturally Graeme jumped at the chance! For the five years following he focused on completely revamping the program adding in his very own special activities and ideas, booking entertainment and escorting residents to and from their various medical and social appointments. As Graeme recalls, “it was an extremely fun environment to work in, and I’m a firm believer that although you ran activities for seniors, at the same time I would often interact and sometimes entertain my fellow staff and the many visitors who walked through the door. Overall, my goal was to make each and everybody ‘happy’ as much as possible.” Upon moving to the United States in 2013 he held a few similar positions working with adults with learning disabilities and those recovering from brain injuries. When the opportunity arose, in October 2017, he applied for the Programming Assistant Position in Memory Care at Carlton Senior Living. Hiring him to join our team was a no brainer!

His favorite aspect about the position is that he loves to make the residents laugh and smile. He strives to rekindle their memories with music and stories from their past daily. To see their excitement when they recall the good old days, brings a smile to his face that is irreplaceable.

On a more personal note, Graeme has been happily married to Wendy, a school bus driver for the Elk Grove Unified School District and together they have an amazing six year old son named Aidan. He is their “pride and joy” and continuously keeps them both active and on their feet with his spontaneous energy and dinosaur fascination. Graeme thank you for all the joy, creativity and passion you bring to our residents, their families and associates. You are appreciated!






Our newest member to the activity staff at our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento community is our Memory Care Programming Assistant Veronica Spencer. Veronica decided to pursue a job in the activities field because of her passion to help people in a way that was both meaningful and fun. Having been in the position for four months she has found that what she enjoys most about the job is talking with the residents and getting to know about their individual lives and stories. She is most proud of the creative contributions she has made towards the quarterly creations and the centerpieces for their monthly candlelight dinners. Her life motto is “live and let live.” Veronica thank you for all the joy, creativity and passion you bring to our residents, their families and associates. You are appreciated!