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Carlton Senior Living Sacramento | March 21, 2021 | By Jessica Beck

A Love for Learning- Carlton University

As we near the end of Brain Awareness Week we are excited to share with you the newest program being offered to residents at our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento campus, Carlton University! An opportunity for all to plant the seed of knowledge through engagement, innovation and creativity. 

The program is a comprehensive college experience which currently has 12 students enrolled. We are offering our residents the opportunity to register with admissions and receive their syllabi and class schedules. The program is complete with up-to-date practices, like distance learning. It is a six-month program with the following academic requirements; History, Critical Thinking, Physical Education, Social Studies, Science, and International Studies. Students are given a list of electives and will choose at least one. The electives list includes; Music, Nutrition, Art, Photography, Astrology, and Wood Shop.

Plans for Carlton University will include planning a school dance when conditions permit and are safe. There are also science projects that will be due during Spring. The community will host a Carlton University Science Fair, provided conditions permit, to allow family members and other residents to come in and look at the projects. PLUS, no university program is complete without a commencement ceremony to celebrate the graduates. The campus hopes to celebrate tentatively in July as long as conditions permit, and we are safe to do so. 

Initially, classes were held over the phone for safety, and students received the given course material as needed. School supplies were delivered individually, including pencils, composition notebooks, pens, markers, and binders. Along with that, they received their Carlton University IDs and their syllabi.

What has happened in the Spring Semester so far?

Dean Roiee shared that in their history class, they studied landmark supreme court rulings. Drawing upon the American History Tellers Podcast from Pandora and the Landmark Supreme Court Ruling Series. As a final project for the class, every student was given a different year and was asked to research a supreme court case from that year to report on. Students LOVED it and as a class we collectively were able to diversify our learning experience by hearing various cases we might not otherwise have known about.

In their nutrition class, Carlton University hosted Claudia Graetsch-Vasquez, our new Dietitian and Nutritionist for all Carlton Senior Living communities twice. During the classes we spoke about the importance of fixing our plates with healthy choices in mind as well as how many nutrients and proteins we should aim for. To learn more about Claudia we invite you to check out her blog.

During their physical activity class they focused in on various muscle groups as well as bone health and the importance of remaining properly hydrated before, during and after exercise.

In this semester’s science class students studied life science. Focusing on the development of animals and discussing the growth experience from beginning, in the womb and beyond. They have fostered Painted Lady Butterflies and hope to host a Butterfly Release Social outdoors when it is time.

“I have great hopes for this program, and I think that it will be a great success. All of us, myself and the students, are very excited!”

Dean Roiee


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