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Carlton Senior Living Sacramento | July 28, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Resident Spotlight- Dorothy Stewart

Meet Carlton Senior Living resident spotlight- Dorothy Stewart. Dorothy was born in Corning, CA to John & Jessie Fox in 1932 and has three siblings, Earl, Edyth and Albert. Her family had olive ranches. Dorothy’s father worked for Standard Oil supplying gas to farmers. She used to help her father by checking the levels in the gas tank of the rig. She would climb up the truck’s ladder and then look into the tank and let her father know how much gas was left inside.

After graduating high school, in 1950, she moved to Sacramento to attend Sacramento City College for two years while majoring in General Education and Business. In 1957 she married Bill Stewart and they were together until his passing in 2005. Bill & Dorothy have four daughters, Jenny, Kristen, Jill and Pam and a bonus daughter, Laura. All of her daughters live in Sacramento, but all of her extended family lives out of town.

Dorothy is a great friend. She and a friend went to interview at Mcclellan Air Force Base for the payroll department, she got the job but her friend didn’t, so she turned down the job. After telling the friend’s mother about that, her friend’s Mom told her that she had to go back and take the job, and she did, and Dorothy worked there for 10 years until moving on to another Federal job with the Corps of Engineers, where she also stayed for 10 years. Dorothy decided to try office work at Patterson Travel, and she was so good at her job that they promoted her to the Travel Guide position. As a travel guide she took groups of people to Hawaii and then Dorothy was promoted again to International Travel Guide. She would take groups of 50 people to places like Korea, New Zealand, China and more. She worked for 25 years at Patterson Travel until deciding to retire. Dorothy also traveled for fun with her husband. They traveled to Japan and other places so that Bill could show his Camellias. They belonged to the Camellia Society and were very involved. In fact, every Camellia and Azalea at First Baptist church, where Dorothy served as a moderator, were planted by Bill and Dorothy. Dorothy’s favorite vacation was to Africa, she liked it so much that she went twice. Dorothy started Courtyard Private School with a friend, it began in the church and is now in Downtown Sacramento.

In 1997 Dorothy suffered a severe stroke. She had to relearn how to speak, write and identify objects. Dorothy loves that the Carlton is beautiful, has great residents and an extremely loving staff. Her children feel like she is safe here. Dorothy enjoys Fabulous Fitness classes, sun bathing and physical therapy with Dave & Deb. Her favorite food here are the onion rings.

Love is Dorothy’s favorite word and because she is so outgoing and loving, she never meets a stranger.

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Written by Roiee Dunham, Personal Expressions Manager at Carlton Senior Living Sacramento.