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Carlton Senior Living Sacramento | June 23, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Resident Spotlight- Joyce Spingarn

JoyceMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Joyce Spingarn! Joyce was born in Rochester, New York to Dorothy and Earl on December 5, 1929. She had three siblings, a sister Marilyn and two brothers Howard and Richard. After high school, she went to nursing school to become a Registered Nurse. In 1947, she met her husband Claude at a party. She said, “Our eyes met and fell in love instantly.” They both have three beautiful children, Ron, Valli, and Sherri. She has four grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.

One of her favorite memories was taking walks and talking to her husband. She loved that they were together. She missed bike riding, discovering new places and getting lost with him. Joyce’s favorite life experience would be giving birth to her children. She was never alone having them around. Her life travels were traveling around the world with her husband with Israel being her favorite country to visit. Her favorite things to do are reading, writing and she is a food enthusiast at heart! She also likes to play Bingo.

People would be surprised to know that she is a quiet person. And the person she admired the most would be her father because he was gentle and humble. She likes living at the Carlton. The people are nice and the food is really good. The staff are kind and considerate to her. She’s never alone and her children come to visit her.