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Carlton Senior Living Sacramento | October 6, 2019 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Kay

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, KayKay was born on March 2, 1920, in Victoria, British Colombia, and was the only child to George and Teresa Patterson. She learned sign language at an early age because both of her parents were deaf-mute.
Kay attended the University of Canada and taught high school after graduating. She wanted to advance her career in teaching and got a scholarship to UC Berkeley where she met her husband, Elton. They fell in love and got married.

Kay and Elton traveled a lot in their younger years, especially to Russia. Elton was an exchange student. He studied Russian History because he loved Russian novels. He was hired as an American Exhibition at the Russian museum. She followed him and got a job as a secretary working at the museum also. They moved to Binghamton, New York and Elton got his Ph.D. in Russian History teaching at Binghamton University. As for Kay, she taught at a high school in Binghamton until she retired. She loved being with her husband and teaching.

When asked about her favorite life experience, Kay sites being married to her husband. Three words to describe Kay are optimistic, helpful and observant. Her life’s philosophy is “do the best with what you got.” Her favorite activity is reading and she also enjoyed being active in the Mormon church. We are pleased to have Kay as a resident of Carlton Senior Living Sacramento Enhanced.

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