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Carlton Senior Living San Jose | August 11, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

Resident Spotlight- Alan Coffey

Meet Carlton Senior Living Spotlight- Alan Coffey. Alan was born in Washington, D.C. and served in the Air Force during the Korean War. He became very knowledgeable about Russian anti-aircraft weaponry and as a result was loaned to the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force as a trainer. Alan likes to joke that he couldn’t teach them anything, but they taught him how to drink scotch whiskey and play darts!

As a result of his knowledge of anti-aircraft weapons, Alan served as a consultant to Boeing while living in Wichita, KS. At his wife Bev’s urging, Alan and his family relocated to California where he eventually found work as a police dispatcher for Santa Clara County, and then later as a Probation Officer and finally as the Director of Probation and Rehabilitation. In fact, another one of our Carlton Senior Living San Jose residents, Joe Rodriguez was one of his probation officers!

In addition to his work with the police department, Alan taught criminal justice classes and published 17 books on the subject. Because of his knowledge base, Alan was sought out as a consultant by actor and producer Jack Webb, creator of “Dragnet.” He also served as President of the Strategic Air Command Proud Alumni Society. After retiring in 1985, Alan and his beloved wife Bev enjoyed traveling and playing golf. Since moving into Carlton Senior Living San Jose, Alan now spends a lot of his time visiting with his wife during his days.


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Written by Mander Farrell, Personal Expressions Manager at Carlton Senior Living San Jose community.