Carlton Senior Living Residents Give Back!

jessica-arnoldWe at Carlton Senior Living know that we have the best residents our family could ever wish for. They, however, still constantly amaze us with their generosity, kindness and overall loving nature. Below you will see a list that is an amazing example of our resident’s ability to give back to the community. Our residents and associates have participated in contributing to each of the organizations listed.

Whether it be creating “magic blankets” for NICU babies in the hospital, writing cards to those who need to read some kind words, collecting goods for foster children or the troops, making toys for pets in shelters or providing lunches to the homeless, they have mastered the art of giving back.

Service Organizations we work with:

We know how important it is for our residents to feel empowered and that they have made a difference and even though they do in our lives on a daily basis, they also do so globally. Way to go CSL residents! We love you and appreciate all of your contributions to making this world a better place.

Residents of CSL Downtown Pleasant Hill Appreciate our Firefighters!

Residents of Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill Appreciate our Firefighters!

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