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Community News | July 28, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

National System Administrator Appreciation Day

At Carlton Senior Living we believe that implementing technology advancements related to senior living is crucial to upholding our customer satisfaction and maintaining the safety of our residents. Today, for National System Administrator Appreciation Day, we are proud to take a moment to honor the man behind the scenes of our technology systems and the support he provides to Carlton, the residents, and our associates.

Tuan Nguyen is our Vice President of Technology and has been with Carlton since he joined our family in 2002. With almost 20 years of IT experience he is nearing 16 years dedicated to a focus in assisted living. Tuan has grown in his role to find adaptability in his existing knowledge of the IT field. When asked what motivated him to pursue a career in IT and Technology he recalls that growing up with computers in the late 80’s it was enjoyable to explore what he could do. Having graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science, he discovered that the lab component wasn’t what he had hoped it to be. Along the way, he found a passion and ability to help people who were struggling in the lab with equipment and software. He found himself questioning why he had pursued a field in which he didn’t enjoy and became determined to acquire a job within the area of technology and communications.

Tuan stated that part of his current position that he enjoys best is, “helping people with their computer frustration; the reason why it is rewarding is not concerning money but in seeing people smile and knowing that I helped alleviate some of their frustration.” Tuan recently acquired a new responsibility to oversee the software utilized primarily by our clinical teams in the communities. Tuan was an integral part in expanding the partnership we currently have with RF Technologies (RFT) and took to this task with ease. With the transition he has accomplished upgrading the existing system to provide the latest in wireless life safety solutions for our residents. The results of his efforts in this undertaking will help to continue to keep our residents safe and our associates will have more trust in their technology simply by understanding the capabilities and how it can benefit them in their roles to promote top-level care.

We were interested to know, as hectic as life can become, especially when technical issues arise, how Tuan remains focused to take on the day. He explained that he deals with the critical problems first. The ability to prioritize what’s vital versus what’s not has been a skill to master. In his role, he has to take into account the global perspective of a problem and how it will potentially ripple effect. By this he explains that one issue at a community level can affect the associate’s ability to complete their job, thus impacting the resident’s experience. He believes in taking ownership personally and finding the root of the problem. This allows him to seize the opportunity to teach and coach someone through their concern ultimately empowering them to get resolution and knowledge for the next time it may arise.

Tuan highlights that receiving the role, from our President, to provide oversight on the life safety programs and the implementation of them makes all the difference for him. Planning is the most essential part of success no matter what project we are working on. Tuan looks forward to executing accordingly and effectively the existing programs in our upcoming Santa Rosa and Vallejo communities while striving to research the expansion of new innovations that can serve our residents and associates.


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