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Community News | July 6, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

“Pleasant Hill – A Community United” 2018 Parade

The theme for the annual parade was “Pleasant Hill – A Community United.” It was only fitting that our Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill and Carlton Senior Living Pleasant Hill communities united to participate in the parade together. Having been involved in the ceremony last year, the Pleasant Hill residents and associates were excited to be a part of the celebrations again!


Carlton Senior Living was represented by several associates who attended from both communities. Luisa our Memory Care Programming Assistant, Art our Personal Expressions Driver & Ya-Ya our Personal Expressions Assistant attended to represent our Downtown Pleasant Hill community.

Patrick, our Personal Expressions Assistant at Pleasant Hill, planned and coordinated the event and was joined by our Personal Expression Drivers Daniel and Doyle, Rhodesia our Resident Liaison, Sam our Masters of Social Work Intern and Carly, the community dog!


Our Pleasant Hill Resident Council was represented by John, President and Esther, Vice President.  At the age of 92, Myra, one of our Pleasant Hill residents walked the entire parade route last year, an accomplishment she was very proud of! This year, Myra was asked to ride with Tim Flaherty, Mayor of Pleasant Hill to which she gladly accepted! Holding steady to her encouraging spirit she was proud to have her fellow residents walk the entire route this year like she had last year.


Along the route, our crew handed out fidget spinners, lollipops, and Carlton key chains. Patriotic colors of red, white and blue radiated from those riding in our Carlton cars and buses to those watching from the sidelines as we passed. We even had the chance to capture a few of our residents saluting in honor of independence, freedom, and unity.

We extend an extra big thanks to Denee, one of our Inbound Marketing Specialists from the Home Office, who was present and went “live” on Facebook to stream the event and give feedback on our involvement in the parade itself.