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Carlton Senior Living | March 10, 2020 | By Denee Coleman

COVID-19 Update March 10th, 2020

At Carlton Senior Living our resident’s safety, health and well-being are always our priority. We regret to inform you that a resident of our Elk Grove Community who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 while in the hospital, unfortunately passed away this evening. The resident will be greatly missed and we are all saddened by this loss. Our hearts are with the family and we ask that you respect their privacy at this time.

As we were made aware of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) coming to the United States, we immediately took action to elevate precautionary measures in efforts to prevent the spread to our Communities. We have been in close contact with our local Health Departments and have been following the guidelines and protocols from the CDC for the special population we serve. Due to this case we have implemented isolation protocol for the next 14 days and have been commended for the proactive steps we have taken to prevent the spread of this virus to other residents and staff in our Elk Grove Community.

Carlton continues to follow the guidelines and recommendations we receive from the CDC, Health Departments and experts in our industry. Our focus remains on keeping all of our residents and staff safe. We take the responsibility of caring for the senior population very seriously and will implement all recommended measures immediately.

Important to know:

    • We have detailed and specific plans in place for a wide-range of emergencies and illnesses like this.
    • We are communicating regularly with our residents and their families, staff members, visitors, and vendors, on precautions they can take and how they can help limit the spread of illness.
    • Our staff are trained in infection control practices and we follow those protocols each and every day.
    • Older adults can be particularly vulnerable to the spread of illnesses, so we are asking everyone who comes into contact with our community, if visits are allowed, or community members to be especially vigilant at this time:
        • Washing hands regularly and sufficiently
        • Cleaning and wiping down frequently-touched surfaces
        • Limiting contact with others and avoiding visits to the community if they are feeling ill
        • Notifying staff immediately if they are feeling ill

        As we navigate this challenge, we remain focused on providing exceptional care and service for our residents. This includes sharing regular updates and information and taking any precautions required to limit the spread of illness or misinformation.

        Working together will be our strength and resolve to keep us all safe.