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Assisted Living | May 20, 2015 | By Jonita Dixon

Dangers of Seniors Living Alone

The Dangers of Seniors Living AloneEven though it should come as no surprise that most people above 65 years old want to remain at home as long as possible, there are several drawbacks to that choice. There are a staggering number of seniors who are unable to care for themselves, while still remaining at home. This leads to a number of serious issues.

An increase in social isolation

According to the 2010 figures by the Administration on Aging, upwards of 11.3 million older adults (or 29 percent of the total) lived alone. For women aged 75 and older, this number was even higher (47 percent).

The older that people get, the more likely they are to become socially isolated. This means that friends and relatives may pass away, children may move away or have other factors to consider, and transportation can become an issue. Social isolation has a number of drawbacks that may lead to long-term issues, despite the situation being preventable.

Problems with physical safety

Especially among the elderly, falls are prevalent. It is possible that medical conditions common in elderly people (including heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension) can negatively affect physical strength and balance. In addition, seniors may exert themselves to such a degree that it becomes dangerous. If someone lives alone, they may not get immediate attention if they become seriously injured.

Issues with financial security

Seniors who live alone are subject to a variety of scams and financial fraud. There are people who make a living preying on the elderly, sometimes even depriving them of their life savings in a single phone call. Especially when living alone, there may not be someone right there to help them understand that sometimes, an offer is ‘too good to be true’.

Problems with nutrition

If someone lives alone, they are far less likely to make nutritious meals than those who are surrounded by others. People may opt for empty calories and quick snacks, especially if meal preparation is tiring or difficult because of a health condition. Eating a complete, balanced meal is a far better option, even if it has to be made by someone else.

Issues with memory problems

A large percentage of the seniors will notice a drastic decline in memory. This can make it difficult to carry out household chores safely. It is common in seniors to forget to turn off irons, heaters, stoves, or any other appliances that can cause house fires. Taking medication at the right time (and the right dosage), tasks of basic hygiene, and forgetting to pay bills are all serious concerns for memory-impaired seniors living alone.

Taking steps to a better, safer life

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