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Carlton Senior Living | January 14, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Finding Violations in Assisted Living Facilities

nurse-and-senior-manA big obstacle for the families and loved ones of the elderly and for senior caregivers occurs when seeking out a quality living facility. It is often hard to find out background information about the facility and the licensing of the community that you might be considering.

Today, while there is a way of finding out the licensing and history of different nursing homes that are approved by Medicare, there is no way to find out such information for assisted living facilities for seniors at this time. The state regulates such facilities, not the federal government. In contrast, the state and federal government govern nursing homes.

There are sites on the Internet that offer a comprehensive listing of the licensing websites responsible for regulating assisted living facilities across the nation. Here you can find whether it is easy to get licensing documentation on assisted living facilities in each state.

This can offer an exceptional resource for families and caregivers who are looking to find the best locations for their elderly loved ones. Shared information includes how easy it is to find out about the history of facilities within a state, whether there have been complaints, whether information is made available to those interested online, and more.

There was set criteria used in creating the following list, including:

  1. Assisted living information that is updated on a regular basis.
  2. Information made available to the viewer through both a downloadable list and the use of a search form.
  3. A single website exists and shares the records of the assisted living facility instead of sending the Web viewer to different websites.
  4. The community’s information is shared, including:
  • The address of the facility
  • Name of the owner of the facility
  • Contact details for the owner
  • The license number of the facility
  • Information on when the license expires
  • Documents indicating violations and inspections of the site.
  1. The facility is website is end user friendly with a simple navigation process.

Regrettably, not all states have a representative website that is up to par. For example, the state of Massachusetts offers a listing of licensed facilities in the form of a downloadable document. The website however, fails to offer viewable inspection reports on the Internet at this time – this results in the state ranking number 36 in the ranking system.

If you are interested in finding out more details about an assisted living facility as it pertains to its history, and you are having difficulty locating state information, please feel free to contact the Area Agency on Aging nearest you. You can set up an appointment in order to talk with someone via telephone or you can communicate via mail. You can find the nearest Area Agency on Aging by visiting: Eldercare.gov.

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