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Assisted Living | May 27, 2015 | By Jonita Dixon

Five Facts About Senior Isolation

Facts About Senior IsolationAs more and more aging Americans find themselves living alone, the consequences start to show even more. As children begin to leave the home, spouses pass away, and neighbors move elsewhere, it can be difficult to remain social and active. It is important to note that senior isolation is not just about ‘someone feeling lonely, but it goes far beyond that. You need to be aware of the following five facts regarding senior isolation in order to understand why it is so important.

Fact #1 – Isolation can lead to a cognitive decline

There is a reason that seniors who are surrounded by loved ones, other seniors, and qualified staff members flourish socially – because regularly participating in activities (especially activities outside of the home) can help keep the development of age-related cognitive decline at bay. Studies also show that having an active social life can help guard against various forms of dementia.

Fact #2 – Isolation is linked to chronic illness

Studies show that people who are not as active socially as not as healthy as those people who are. Older citizens who do not regularly socialize are at a greater risk of developing issues with impaired mobility, hypertension, and arthritis. These long-term illnesses may be preventable, but not necessarily curable.

Fact #3 – Isolation can increase the occurrence of depression

Several different studies highlight the fact that isolation can lead to depression in all age groups. However, the age group that is particularly at risk is senior citizens. Especially because of the developing mobility issues (including a lack of transportation), this group is more at-risk than any other group is.

Fact #4 – Isolation can have psychological and physical effects

Studies reveal that seniors who often struggle with isolation may be at a far greater risk for developing a mental illness later in life and often have poor physical health as well.

Fact #5 – Isolation is completely preventable

This is perhaps the most important fact about senior isolation; it is possible to prevent isolation in seniors. Whether this means enrolling someone in a senior living community, organized activities, or visiting regularly, there are many different options available.

Make sure to take action

Many seniors do find that assisted living communities such as the ones found at https://www.carltonseniorliving.com/ can help them remain social and active. This means that people have access to everything necessary to keep senior isolation at bay. If you notice that your loved ones are struggling to stay active or feel isolated, make sure to find something today.