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Alzheimer’s Care | March 23, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

National Puppy Day: Meet JJ, Bear and Tessie Sue

At Carlton Senior Living we indeed recognize the value of pets and the companionship they provide for our residents. Our communities are “pet-friendly.” More specifically in our Memory Care neighborhoods our residents and staff host a pet for the residents to connect with and bond over during their transition and integration into a new environment. We have found that often, the companionship of the pets chosen can help to provide comfort and security for our residents and aid in the ease of behaviors associated with the progression of the disease process.

We are pleased to share with you today, in honor of National Puppy Day, three of our Memory Care pets; JJ, Bear, and Tessie Sue, that have joined our Carlton Family. Although they are not all considered puppies by evidence of their current age, the puppy-like spirit and joyful demeanor they bring to our neighborhoods is something to be celebrated and shared!

Meet “JJ”

It has been close to two years since JJ, our community dog at Carlton Senior Living San Jose has joined the family. JJ is a mixed Maltese and will be turning nine years old this year. The name “JJ” was given by his previous person, who has since passed, and although some of our residents tried to change it to “GG,” it seems that “JJ” is indeed the name that sticks best. JJ loves to go for walks on a trail nearby to the community which is why it is befitting for him to be the president of our Walking Club. JJ enjoys playing with his toys and is always game for fetch. The most rewarding part of having JJ is that some of our residents in Memory Care, before moving in with us, also had pets at home that they had to leave behind with extended family in their move. JJ offers comfort and companionship to the residents that are familiar from previously owning and caring for a pet. It is undeniable that JJ has grown into the hearts of the family members of our residents and they look forward to coming and visiting their loved one and JJ too!

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Meet Bear

Approximately six months ago a resident moved into our Assisted Living community at Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove. Moving in with her was her 13-year-old Golden Retriever, Bear who had become family and her best friend. The resident recognized that upon moving in, she needed to make her health and well-being a priority but she sought to find a way to ensure that Bear remained well taken care of and a part of her life. Timing is sometimes perfect, and fate happened to bring Bear and his owner into Carlton at the right time. The Memory Care happened to be looking for a dog to help provide companionship to their residents and Bear was a perfect fit! Bear now joins Memory Care every day between the hours of 11 am to 4 pm and goes back to his owner every night. The love, support, and friendship that Bear provides to all he meets are incomparable. The situation has proven to be a “win-win” for both Bear’s owner and our Memory Care residents. Bear loves his daily visits to Memory Care and knows exactly how to get there from his Assisted Living apartment. The personal caregivers who help to escort him say that he eagerly is leading him down the hallway to the Memory Care door. Once the door opens, he wastes no time and begins making his rounds so that everyone gets to see him, pet him and of course if anyone has any extra cookies to share that is welcomed too. It is no surprise that the residents adore him and love to take him outside in the courtyard to play and enjoy the sunshine on the warmer days. He enjoys laying in the living room right in front during the SingFit activity. It should come as no surprise that his favorite song sung is “Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog.” Bear is a genuine part of our family and brings us all great joy with his eager puppy-like spirit that is game to dress up for holidays and is always willing to join our walking club!

Meet Tessie SueTessie Sue

Meet Tessie Sue

Our most recent community pet moved in just a little over a month ago with her owner to Memory Care. Tessie Sue is a four-year-old Poodle with amazing puppy-like energy! Since moving in, she instantly made Carlton Senior Living Sacramento Memory Care her new home. The first to greet all visitors and residents returning to the neighborhood with her wagging tail and happy demeanor, she loves to engage and play with the residents and staff. Her favorite thing to do is go for walks in and around the courtyard. She has already staked a claim on three favorite areas in the neighborhood; the activity room where all the live action takes place, she is a fan of the dining room during cooking activities with the residents and of course, settled right in at the Director of Memory Care’s office. Everyone that meets her falls in love with Tessie Sue, she creates a cozy, homelike environment for all and we adore having her as a member of our family!

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