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Carlton Senior Living Blog | March 11, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Home Remedies that Work for seniors in Assisted Living

daughter caring for sick mature motherOlder people in assisted living can save money by using home remedies instead of buying over-the-counter medications for several conditions from aching muscles to canker sores. Ingredients of these remedies are usually found in cupboards. Below are some home-remedies but be sure to first check with your doctor before trying something out, especially if you are currently taking medications.

A spoonful of honey is a good way to treat coughs and has been confirmed to be better than suppressants and cough syrups. This was proven by a study that involved 100 children, which concluded that honey can help suppress coughs in older adults who suffer from cold. This is the reason why people should store honey in senior living facilities.

Honey soothes irritated throat to stop coughing. Recommended dosage is two teaspoons but doctors recommend making sure that the cough is due to cold and not some other condition. Honey has high sugar content, which makes it inappropriate for people suffering from diabetes.

Ginger is another common item from in any assisted living facility. A gram of ginger an hour before surgery can decrease vomiting and nausea during the first day after surgery. Ginger is also seen to benefit older people undergoing chemotherapy. Taking a quarter of teaspoon of ginger each day for three days before chemotherapy session can reduce nausea by 40 percent.

Another study showed that a small amount of ginger worked better than large doses. Combining ginger with anti-vomiting meds is better in controlling nausea than with just taking drugs.

Menthol rub is another item that can be found in senior living apartments. It can be used to treat toenail fungus and said to be more effective than other more expensive products. Menthol rub is applied to the affected nails, and it can cure or partially remove the fungus. Some people suggest wiping affected nails with white vinegar before the application of the menthol rub.

Tart cherry juice is good in preventing gout attacks, helping with arthritis pain and relieving sore muscles after exercise. The juice has natural anti-inflammatory properties to make it a must-have in every assisted living facility.

Studies have shown that tart cherry juice decreases the joint inflammation caused by gout. Taking a tablespoon of the juice twice a day can reduce the frequency of gout attacks by half. A third of the subjects didn’t suffer from gout during the test period. Runner who took the juice decreased the soreness of their muscles. Overweight patients also experienced a decrease in inflammation.

Water is the simplest home remedy ingredient that you can find in every senior living facility. Daily gargling can decrease the number of respiratory infections and colds. It is also relieved symptoms when the elderly is already sick. Gargling with salt water or water with honey and lemon is a good way to treat sore throat.