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Carlton Senior Living Blog | May 11, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

In Honor of National Nurses Week

At Carlton Senior Living we are grateful for the role of our nurses in the communities and all that they bring to our residents, their families, and our teams. In honor of National Nurses Week our Carlton Senior Living San Leandro community supports the American Nurses Association and would like to highlight our nursing team; Geraldine, Stephanie, and Mark.

Geraldine and Stephanie have built a fantastic team between themselves having worked together for the past seven years. The Director of Resident Services, Jocelynn, shares that “their communication is second to none, the way that they coordinate their time off and remain willing to cover and flex when needed is an amazing benefit to our community.” As Jocelynn recalls, there are many situations in which both Geraldine and Stephanie have gone above and beyond, yet one remains especially close to her heart and prominent in her mind. Jocelynn recounts the time when they (Geraldine and Stephanie) both came back, after working all day, to complete an evening treatment for a week for one of the residents in need. This care and consideration offered the resident the ability to remain and stay in the community while needing that treatment.

Having been raised in a family of medicine, where both her mom and aunt are nurses and her uncle is a doctor; it is no surprise that Geraldine discovered Carlton through a family friend. She enjoys taking care of people and the challenges presented for her to overcome during specific treatment needs such as wound care.  She finds great fulfillment when she can determine what will help a wound heal.

Stephanie arrived to work for Carlton having been referred to by her sister who previously worked for the company. Having just graduated with her nursing degree, she was drawn to the position as an opportunity to begin her professional career. She has since stayed due to the benefits and employee appreciation showed by the company to her as a Carlton associate. Her favorite part about nursing is having the awareness that every day she comes to work, she has the chance to make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how little or big it might be.

Mark is the newest LVN to join our team and has proven in such a short time, to carry the Carlton commitments of showing our residents his ability to love, honor and provide for them in their times of need. After completing his initial training, he was called to extend help to two of our sister Carlton communities. Not only was he open and willing to this task he completed it with ease and ability.

“We are so thankful and blessed to have such an amazing group of nurses that take such great care of our resident’s and one another.”
~Jocelynn Ahnstrom, Director of Resident Services at Carlton Senior Living San Leandro