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Carlton Senior Living Blog | October 10, 2020 | By Jessica Beck

Madame La Farge from La Barge

There is a group of very nice ladies who gather each Tuesday and Thursday to discuss and practice the art of knitting and crocheting.  We have a wonderful time. I took the liberty of referring to our group as “Madame La Farge from La Barge.”  I constructed La Barge – I say it is in central South Dakota but who knows.  It is a good guess.

My grandmother once told me that very nice ladies knit or crochet.  She was correct.  My Knitting and Crocheting group is composed of such wonderful and talented ladies – I do enjoy them.  They are constructing such lovely pieces of art.  You would be amazed at their talent.  They are developing lovely blankets, glass cases, along with delightful conversations.  It is fun to listen to them.  These ladies are also very generous, insisting that each person has sufficient yarn, needles, and anything to make each project a great success!

And – there is great humor as well. A machine was needed in order to develop a ball of yarn.  That was a hilarious project!  Since Mander is so generous and talented in the art of getting all we need, he was called over.  The next day he gave us all the parts for the machine!  Our mechanical engineers were called in for the assembling process – work and more work.  I sat in the back and giggled. No success. Then our machine disappeared but “necessity is the mother of invention;” the ladies devised something else.  I don’t know what, but our knitting goes on and on.


I can relate story after story.  But it all returns to great fun being had by all in the Knitting group.

Thank you – Mander, Cynthia, Michaela, and all those who knit or crochet. You are great, you are talented.

Sincerely, Your Friend,