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Carlton Senior Living Blog | May 23, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Newlywed Advice

It’s not only our residents who sometimes find love at Carlton, on occasion our associates do as well! We are thrilled to congratulate Patrick and Denee on the joining of their two hearts!
Our Carlton Senior Living Sacramento memory care residents; Flo, Anthony and Mary have extended to them advice as Newlyweds that will help them find practicality, humor and longevity in their marriage.


How can you keep the In-Laws happy?
-Show them the money! (Flo)
What makes a successful marriage?
-Discussions and communication. (Flo)
-Have children, always listen and respond to what the other one is saying. (Flo)
-Having plenty of money helps. (Anthony)
-Forgiveness. (Mary)
-Loving the person eternally and being able to make an individual decision. (Mary)
How do future parents come up with a name for their children?
-Easy! By naming them after their own parents. (Mary)
Should the husband also cook in the home? or Is that a bad idea?
-Yes, they should! (Mary)