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Ask The Elders | August 20, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Ask The Elders: How to Stress Less & Refresh

Carlton’s residents love sharing the wisdom they’ve have gained through years of experience. This month Memory Care residents from Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove have some practical parenting advice to offer.

The next letter in our “Ask the Elders” series was submitted by a repressed parent who is in desperate need of some personal time.



Dear Elders:

My life is so busy and chaotic that I often feel overwhelmed. My family is very demanding of my time and I’m in need of some serious stress relief. What advice can you give me to help me get through the day? –Stressed & Stretched Thin


Stressed & Stretched Thin:

All parents have felt the urge to raise the white flag of surrender at some point and feeling overwhelmed by family demands is very normal. Stress affects people in different ways causing some to feel compelled to run around the block screaming when their stress threshold is challenged while others may feel the compulsion to retreat and hibernate like a bear.

While these options may be effective temporarily, they are not long-term solutions. A great way to deal with stress and to improve your health overall is to get lots of sleep. Adequate rest will help you to refresh so that you can meet the challenges of the day without feeling so exhausted and overwhelmed.

It’s also important to make time in your schedule, at least monthly, to do something that you enjoy. Whether it be a relaxing day of fishing or going out for dinner and drinks with friends, it’s critical to set time aside for yourself. While renting the kids out to your neighbors may get into trouble, it’s okay to ask a family member or friend to watch the kids for a couple of hours so that you can de-stress, relax or simply accomplish some of the things from your own personal to-do list.

We hope this advice helps you to feel less overwhelmed and more relaxed so that you can enjoy all of the precious moments with your growing family. –Elder Advice Panel, Carlton Senior Living Elk GroveMemory Care



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