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Resident Focus | February 22, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Bob & Norma’s Secret to Love

Bob & Norma Sutherland
Established 1955

“Love is meant to be an adventure” – Gordon B. Hinckley

Although Bob and Norma Sutherland knew each other before they started dating it was not what they would describe as love at first sight. Bob’s mother saw something that, at the time, Bob and Norma didn’t and so she and a friend set them up to formally meet at a Sunday school social event. It was there that Bob asked Norma out for their first date. He took her to Lake Lolle in Nampa, Idaho. Bob recalls they spent the time talking and getting to know one another more. Although Bob’s father was officially the first to declare he loved Norma, it was Bob who told Norma I love you first.

Bob knew that Norma was the one for him because in his words “she was just so beautiful and still is…she had an amazing sense of humor.” Her sense of humor and optimistic ability to look on the bright side of life are his favorite qualities of Norma. For Norma she knew that Bob was the one because he was intellectual and could hold a good conversation with her. Her favorite qualities of Bob have been his honesty and adventurous spirit.

From knowing that they had found their soul mate and conversation being an important foundation of that relationship, it was befitting that Bob chose Lake Lolle, where it all began, to propose. He drove Norma back to the spot of their first date and proposed on a gravel road near the lake. They were married in Nampa, Idaho on September 9th, 1955. Ironically enough while they met in church at a social they did not have a first song or dance due to the fact that the church where Bob grew up did not dance.

Since coming together Bob feels that Norma has made his life better by the fact that he does not have to worry about the little things and an added bonus is that she is a FANTASTIC cook! For Norma she felt that Bob’s sense of adventure was both her favorite quality about him and that it allowed her to experience a life more fulfilled by having someone to travel with.

Their secret to a lasting marriage and love is that you really must work on keeping the vows you made on your wedding day and by doing so you remain completely honest with one another daily.