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Resident Focus | February 3, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Frank & Josie’s Secret to Love

Frank and Josie Przybylski Established 1955

Frank was born February 3, 1930 in Northern France to parents Frank and Elizabeth.  He spent the first four years of his life in France, before moving to Poland and then Belgium at age eight. Josie was born September 24, 1931 in Poland to parents Jozef and Julianna. Her family moved to Belgium when she was six.  Josie, the fourth of six children, vividly remembers the long train ride from Poland to Belgium with all her siblings. At the time, large numbers of Polish workers were moving to Belgium for coal mining jobs.  Both Frank and Josie’s fathers worked in the coal mines, as did Frank. Frank and Josie met at a Polish dance in 1954. They lived in neighboring villages and their communities held weekly dances for the mining communities. Frank remembers that Josie was so shy he almost didn’t get a second date! He proposed after five months; they married in 1955 in Josie’s village and have been married for sixty-two years. They have three children, Andrea, Diane, and Daniel, and three grandsons. Frank and Josie moved from Belgium to Hollywood, California in July of 1958.  They joined Josie’s sister who had married a G.I.  The immigration process took several years; luckily Frank was able to secure a job as a mechanic before they arrived which sped up their move. Josie remembers how bright and hot everything was—she had never been anywhere as warm as Southern California! They find that the people in the U.S. are friendlier than in Europe and appreciate that people are more familiar and causal with each other. In 1999 Frank beat colon cancer. As part of his treatment he had twelve inches of his colon removed. He is happy to say that he has been cancer free for nineteen years! Frank and Josie returned to Europe several times throughout the years.  They once drove Josie’s elderly mother from Belgium to Poland to visit her sister—a twelve hour drive!  They also visited Auschwitz, an extremely moving and sobering experience. Frank and Josie moved to Carlton in July of 2015.  Davis was new and had plenty of space.  They also like that there is less traffic here and cleaner air. Their favorite thing about life at Carlton is the people! They find the staff to be immensely caring and patient.  They also love the openness of the building. They are very satisfied with their decision to move here. In her spare time, Josie likes romantic movies and cooking. Here at Carlton she loves Bean Bag Baseball and exercising. She really likes the social aspect of life at Carlton and enjoys being around more people.  They both love the Dakim Brain Fitness program here and use it every day.  Before their move, Frank enjoyed woodworking.  He redid the kitchen in their home twice in the forty-three years they lived there.  He also remembers that once, when United employees went on strike for three weeks, he used the time to build a desk for each of their children.  He also makes a mean filet mignon, a family favorite! Both Frank and Josie live by the philosophy of going by what you see for yourself, not by what you hear. When asked about the secret to their long marriage, Josie believes that it is important to put your spouse’s needs before your own. Frank most admires Josie’s toughness. She works very hard to care for him and he is so grateful.