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Resident Spotlights | January 7, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Al Livingston

CSL Spotlight resident, Al LivingstonMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, Al Livingston – Al was born in 1929 in the beautiful and vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. His father and mother were from California but his grandmother lived in New Orleans. His mother wanted to be near her during the pregnancy and remained there for seven weeks after he was born, before Al and his folks moved back to Los Angeles. His father worked as an exporter of batteries and their components and his mother had worked as a stenographer before becoming a housewife while raising Al.

Al spent his career as the Deputy Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles, based out of Sacramento. He oversaw the operations and daily details that went into managing the 96 field offices in California, from the southern tip of the state at the border with Mexico, all the way to the northern border with Oregon. He says he loved traveling all over the state, solving problems, interfacing with communities, city councils, chambers of commerce, and providing education to schools about that department of the government. Al lived in Davis with his late wife, Rita, during his career in Sacramento.

One of his most memorable life experiences involves a harrowing event that took place while he was visiting a DMV field office at the border with Oregon. Al spotted a man who had fallen into the upper waters of the Sacramento River and chased his course down the bank of the river until he could pull him safely from the current. Al was not a swimmer, and knew he must act quickly, managing to do so without falling into the swift waters himself. Describing himself as having broad interests, Al owned a 4×5 Press Camera and responded to emergencies, incidents and other newsworthy events as a hobby to photograph what was occurring. He would sell these negatives to the newspapers, earning himself a reputation as a reliable source for their stories.

Al is a fan of the food here at the Carlton Senior Living Davis and, as Dining Room Manager Jake Curri says, “he loves ice cream, ice cream, ice cream… and the occasional cookie!” Al is a big proponent of the City of Davis, calling it a “fresh city.” Asked how he describes himself, Al says “friendly, self confident” and that he holds himself in high regard. Of the Carlton, he states that it’s a clean, happy place. It’s bright, friendly, and accommodating.

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Written by Eric DeMuth