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Resident Spotlights | February 4, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – CJ Breen

Meet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, CJ Breen, as told in her own words.

CSL Spotlight Resident, CJ Breen

“I was born in Joliet, Illinois, and was raised in Chicago. I married my husband, Jim, in 1965. Together we shared two kids and two grandsons. In 1977 we moved to a home in San Jose, California and lived there for 25 years. I worked in several beauty shops in my time as well as Al-Anon as a public speaker.

One of my favorite things at Carlton Fremont is the entertainment as I am very into music and grooving along to it. Some words of wisdom would be, “the only kind of martyr is a dead one. Anyone else won’t make it.” I also tend to ask people, “what does it cost to be kind to a stranger?” A few ways to describe me are extremely sensitive to a fault, I am subject to bursts of enthusiasm, and finally if I keep music with me everyday, I can do anything!

My thoughts on living here at Carlton Senior Living Fremont is that we are all here together in need of help during these new stages of our lives so why not be kind to each other. Some things I would like everyone to know about me is that I have a ton of energy and I just want to bring joy to everyone I meet because in order to live a good life you need a hug and a laugh!”

Written by CJ Breen

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