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Resident Spotlights | August 2, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Resident Spotlight – Deacon Adams

deacon-adamsDeacon was born in Cape Elizabeth Maine, a town of 1500.

One of 6 children (5 boys and a girl) lost his mother at the age of 3 years old, attended local schools, worked on the farm locally to earn money to help grandmother who helped raise siblings. Walked 2.5 miles to school, had to!

He used to milk two cows before going to school and the same two after school. In winter he used to ski to school and leave his skis with his best friend, “Doc” Hill.

He used to participate in athletics, As per him his happiest day of his life was when he entered High School also that he had to shower each day after PE class. He Graduated from High school in 1933.

From 1933-36 he was on FDR’s WPA program and that is how he earned money to attend University of Maine. He finished school in 1940. His First teaching job in Maine was until 1942 when he entered the Navy as an Ensign; saw duty in South Pacific and the Caribbean; left Navy in 1946.

Deacon moved to CA and joined Antioch High School as History Teacher, where he taught for over 30 years.

He has two sons, Bruce and Robert.

He is enjoying his time at the Carlton @ 101 years old going on 102.

As per him he is Happy that he is able to attend all the variety of activities and would like to tell his fellow Carlton family members to “Enjoy Your Good Life while You can!

JC: Deacon is an inspiration to many Carlton residents as he enjoys

Bridge, Balance Fitness etc. activities and leads by an example!

And his smile is as vibrant as his Happy Inner Soul!!