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Resident Spotlights | February 18, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Susan Pollak

CSL Spotlight Resident, Susan PolloakMeet Carlton Senior Living’s spotlight resident, Susan Pollak  – Susan was born on December 30, 1925 in Vienna, Austria to parents Paul and Senta. Growing up she loved walks in the Austrian landscape and enjoyed learning about the history of the area. A historical event she remembers is when Austria was being taken over by Germany in 1938. She was only a child and could sense all the negativity and people just dreading each day.

Susan’s first job was in England as a secretary. She was married to her husband Theodore “Ted” Pollak for 39 years and together they had two daughters named Karen Irma and Melissa Fay. Her proudest moment was arriving in the United States on August 12, 1945 to be reunited with her husband. She was a teacher for 27 years and was proud to have brought education to young children while providing them a positive influence. One of her greatest accomplishments is educating kids from different backgrounds and learning about their culture. A piece of advice she could offer the younger generations is to be open minded and to listen to advice offered by knowledgeable people.

Susan has visited several countries and one of her favorite trips was to New Zealand where she met so many interesting people and she enjoyed the wonderful countryside. She really loves learning about the world and its different cultures. As a longtime educator, Susan’s favorite volunteer experience was providing information to those who wanted to learn about other countries.

Before moving to Carlton Senior Living Concord, Susan lived in Memphis, Tennessee where she owned her home. She relocated to California in the beginning of 2018 when she moved to Carlton to be closer to her daughters. Although one of her biggest fears is earthquakes, she was relieved to sleep right through one of the recent Bay Area quakes.

If she had to describe herself in three words they would be happy, active, and curious. Her favorite sport is swimming because it always kept her active and enjoyed being in the water. Susan’s favorite season is spring because, “it is when nature is awakening with bright colors.”

When asked who the most influential person in her life is, Susan named her mother because she was such an outgoing person and was unselfish when it came to helping others. Her biggest hope is peace around the world and everyone getting along and she would like to be remembered as being a genuinely good person.

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Written by Melissa Alvarez