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Resident Focus | February 15, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Sal & Kay’s Secret to Love

Sal Saliani and Kay Doherty
Established 2017

“Love is a quality, not a quantity.” Vanna Bonta

The quality of the love shared between two people far outweighs the length of time together. This would be true for the courtship and uniting of two Carlton residents; Sal Saliani and Kay Doherty. The two met a year ago while both living at the Carlton Concord community. Prior to meeting Kay, Sal had been single for thirty years. Kay sparked his interest from across the room and he was compelled to ask her to dance during happy hour. It is befitting that the first song they danced to is, “Can’t Take My Eyes off you” by Frankie Valli.

Since the Happy Hour dance they have kept their journey going by walking together to different places, one of their favorites to visit together is Peet’s Coffee. When asked if it was love at first sight they stated there was an attraction that led them to extend from their friendship into a relationship. Kay recalls that Sal was very charming and liked to dance which she too really enjoys. According to Sal she makes him happy and considering himself to be a person of spiritual and religious following he always knew that God would send him in his words, “the right woman to be happy for the rest of life.”

Even though Kay had previously been married with her husband of 52 years, Sal gives her a different feeling of contentment and happiness. Kay was the first to approach the subject of love. As they recall she placed a call to Sal after returning to Carlton from spending two weeks with her sister. She told him “I have something to tell you, I think I am falling in love with you.”

Sal describes Kay as compassionate, caring and giving towards others. She makes him feel a level of happiness that he never has experienced before. This feeling is when he knew she was the one for him. Kay describes Sal as very kind. He demonstrates this as he makes every effort to bring her small tokens of his love so she knows he is thinking of her. Kay really never felt that she would find love again especially after having been married once prior, but alas fate had other plans for her and her life.




The secret to a lasting relationship as agreed upon by both Sal and Kay is to always be honest and discuss the problems they are experiencing so that they can learn from them together. They make it a point to have fun and consider both laughing and enjoying each other’s company as priorities in their lives.