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Carlton Senior Living Blog | March 1, 2020 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Jim Enright

Carlton Senior Living Spotlight Resident, Jim EnrightMeet Carlton Senior Living spotlight resident, James “Jim” Enright – Jim was born May 1, 1945 in Somerville, Massachusetts. His parents, Nora and John, were from County Kerry, Ireland. Jim has two siblings, Maryann (now Sister Maryann, since she became a Roman Catholic nun) and his late brother John. Sister Maryann and Jim are still very close and talk often. Jim’s favorite childhood memories revolve around another kid named Billy Connors. Jim always relished the moment to beat him up or get beat up by him. He stated that they were “always equally matched and no one else could fight us. I guess we did not agree on much.” Really, they were good friends. Jim also had a Parakeet who was “fluent in English and exceptional with swear words.”

Jim attended Saint Clements High School in Medford, Massachusetts. He really enjoyed school; he liked girls and football. He played as an offensive center and a defensive linebacker. He stated that “it was a small school, so you had to play multiple positions. You didn’t get off the field unless you were being carried off.”

Jim met his future wife, Susan, when he was the local paperboy. They married in 1966 when Jim was twenty-one. Together they had three children: Kerry, Kim, and Keith. They have six grandchildren.

Jim always knew that he wanted to become an engineer when he grew up. After high school, he joined the Army National Guard and served in the 109th Combat Single Corps. He served for four years until he was honorably discharged for a back injury. He then jumped into a career as an electrical engineer, his dream job.

Over the years, Jim has lived in Massachusetts, Arizona, and California. Jim and Susan moved to California to be closer to their daughter, Kerry, who is a professor at the University of California, Davis.

Jim loves Ireland, specifically County Kerry, and he and Susan have enjoyed numerous trips to his parents’ birthplaces. He often visited Enright Farms, the family farm, which is now run under a different name. Jim had the chance to own the farm when he inherited it after the death of one of the Enright brothers. Ultimately Jim passed on the offer and gave the farm to his late family member’s wife.

The most notable experiences in Jim’s life were the births of each of his three children. He wants to be remembered as a good husband, father, and friend. He advises others to “do no evil.”

Here at Carlton Senior Living Davis, Jim enjoys the opportunity to help and meet other people. He also likes to help the dining room staff set the tables and fold napkins. He likes music you can dance to, especially waltzes. He also enjoys history films. His favorite scent is whatever his wife wears behind her ears. Jim loves a good steak dinner, specifically three tenderloins, one-inch thick, medium rare, and seasoned with salt and pepper. He also loves baked potatoes and chocolate ice cream.

Jim describes himself as a gentleman, honest, and a hard worker. He most looks up to and admires his father since he was able to always stay even-tempered. Lastly, Jim wants to make sure his family knows that, “I feel very blessed to have the family that I have, and I really mean it.”

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Written by Ben Slade, Resident Liaison at Carlton Senior Living Davis