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Carlton Senior Living Blog | October 28, 2018 | By Denee Coleman

Resident Spotlight – Joe & Leona Robinson

Meet Carlton Senior Living‘s spotlight residents, Joe and Leona Robinson – Joe Robinson was born on August 7, 1935, in Long Beach, California. He has four sisters and a brother. Leona was born on October 14, 1932, in Tacoma Park, Maryland. She had a younger sister who has since passed.

Prior to meeting they had both worked at restaurants as their first job and Leona was a waitress and Joe, a dishwasher. Leona was a bookkeeper and housewife because she enjoyed caring for her kids and doing different things with them. Joe has had different jobs over the years but the job he liked the most is being a marine painter. He has always enjoyed painting since he was a kid and his father was also a painter. Joe always wanted to be like his dad because he always admired his painting and enjoyed the concept of creating different artwork. Joe is also a veteran and was in the United States Navy for four years.

Leona and Joe on their wedding day in 1980.

Leona eventually moved to California so her kids could be closer to their dad after the couple divorced. Leona and Joe met at Flasta Club which got singles together from the church to hang out. Their first date was on February 14, 1980, Valentine’s Day at a party for club members. After that, they knew they were meant for each other and decided to get married on April 28, 1980 and the rest is history.

The Robinson’s have been happily married for thirty-eight years and counting. When Leona was growing up she always wanted to be a mom and she gained more children after she and Joe were married. Their blended family includes nine children which they love and admire for the professionals they have become and for caring for them. Joe has five children two girls and three boys and Leona has four girls. They now have twenty-seven grandchildren, twenty-eight great-children, and two great-great-children.

Leona and Joe both enjoy being around the water and going to the beach which they did a lot of while living in Southern California. Before moving to Carlton Senior Living Concord, the Robinson’s lived in a mobile park in Riverside, California. Leona is really proud of her daughter’s and the wonderful people they have become and she has gained respect and appreciation them after they had been so helpful with the move.

If Joe had to describe Leona in three words they would be loving, beautiful, and sweet. Leona would describe Joe as a kind, understanding, and helpful. Joe would like to be remembered as a faithful person to his wife and god. Leona would like to be remembered as a caring person. Joe really enjoys having Mexican food his favorite restaurant is Rigoberto’s in Southern California. They both really enjoy listening to gospel, musical instruments played by family members, and music from the 30’s and 50’s. Their favorite movie is the Sound of Music and they both like the color blue.

Joe Robinson poses with one of his paintings

Their favorite travel experience was going to Hawaii and having a good time while doing a bus tour to learn more about the island. Also, they have traveled to Denmark five times because they have a daughter there and really like the train system and how nice the people are. They would like to travel more and continue learning about different countries.

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Written by Melissa Alvarez