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Carlton Senior Living | April 20, 2015 | By Jonita Dixon

Senior Living Contra Costa – Carlton Senior Living

Senior Living Contra Costa Strong Senior WomanAre you noticing that more and more time is spent looking after your elder? Are you currently searching for new provisions so she or he can reside independently, but inside a secure atmosphere? Senior Living Contra Costa is an excellent service center that will aid and support your loved one with daily tasks and independent daily guidance. You will never need to be worried about your loved one being cared for because the Senior Living Contra Costa will give that extra support with every day activities and help with routine medical directives. A licensed vocational nurse is always on campus, so prescription treatments and well-being management are properly maintained. Furthermore, there is an emergency plan in place for any crisis on campus.

 Not A Typical Nursing Home – Senior Living Contra Costa

This facility understands that our elders do not wish to be placed in a nursing home. That’s why Senior Living Contra Costa encourages independent living and for their members to remain active and to socialize within the stunning courtyards or to take a stroll down the walkways. This facility provides sitting locations inside a luxurious living room, or if reading quietly is something your elder enjoys, there’s a wide selection of books to choose from in the Library. For many active members, there is a game room or a private dining room to join in for impromptu gatherings.

But staying on campus all the time is not a requirement. If you want a day out with your loved one, the Senior Living Contra Costa is close to the downtown buying region. There are many shops, restaurants, or film plazas to select from. Likewise, if staying on campus is a better option, there is a restaurant-style dining space to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. If the dining space assortment is not something you want, there is also a Café you can get snacks or drinks from. Nevertheless, if your loved one is ailing, the Senior Living Contra Costa will provide a meal to their villa until he or she recovers.

 Choices For Your Comfort – Senior Living Contra Costa

All villas are alcove style and have access to a stunning courtyard. When you tour the grounds initially, you’ll discover three choices to select from for the villa size; a single studio, an extended space, or a one bedroom master villa. Nonetheless, all villas include water, garbage, electric, low step or roll-in showers, and individual heating and air conditioning controls. Senior Living Contra Costa understands that your loved one may have trouble with daily tasks, so they will assist with housekeeping, linen options, personal laundry service, villa upkeep, also for transportation to scheduled activities and appointments.

Before your loved one moves in, a consultation will be scheduled so you’re in a position to help create a plan to provide the very best assistance, healthcare, and specifications that your elder deserves. Senior Living Contra Costa desires to give the best care possible for your loved one, so it is important to keep them active within this award winning community!