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Carlton Senior Living Blog | September 15, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Senior Living Davis – Why Choose Carlton Senior Living?

Why Choose Carlton Senior Living Facilities in Davis California?

Senior Living Davis - Seniors playing chess in the living room
It is understandable that all of us want to live in our homes for as long as we can. The memories of events from days gone by still fill our hearts with warmth. However, there does come a time when we must make an important choice of whether to try and keep living at home or to move to one of the many senior living facilities Davis California residents call home.

Before making such a choice, it is important to understand just what a senior living facility is and what it provides. This helps in making the choice much easier for both the person who may move and their loved ones who are concerned about their living conditions.

What are Senior Living Facilities? – Senior Living Davis

A proper senior living facility is a place where people who need assistance in their daily lives call home. These types of facilities offer the love, care and support that people need when they find it difficult to take care of themselves.

A typical facility offers a professionally trained, experienced staff that assists with the medical, cleaning and other amenities that a facility offers. It is apartment-style living that provides for all the little things in life to be taken care of, such as laundry, housecleaning and any specific assistance that is needed by the resident.

Why Choose a Senior Living Facility? – Senior Living Davis

There are many reasons to choose a place like a senior living facility over living at home when the time comes when independent living becomes a much harder option.

Attention: Arguably the biggest reason that proper senior living facilities Davis California offers as to why it is the best place to live starts with the attention that each resident receives. When it becomes difficult to remember to take your medication or do the simple tasks around the home such as cleaning and the laundry, all of that is handled for you at the facility.

Community: There is a wonderful community atmosphere that helps you start this new chapter in your life as you can make new friends and join together in doing activities that boost your spirits. Plus, you can choose what you want to engage in or not since you still retain the independence you want when it comes to how you live.

Moving to a senior living facility represents more than just a new place in your life as it is part of living new experiences and opening the door to new opportunities as well. At the Carlton Plaza of Davis, you can enjoy the best that senior living facilities Davis California offers and more thanks to their professional, caring staff, modern facilities and healthy, vibrant community who is there for you.

We believe that the choice to move to a senior living facility is one that should be taken seriously and with all the precautions so that you find a place that is right for your needs. When considering a place to move for your new phase in life, we recommend that you consider the Carlton Plaza of Davis and see why so many residents are enjoying their stay.