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Carlton Senior Living | November 3, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Senior Living Fremont – Our Wonderful Community

Senior Living Fremont Senior Women TalkingAs we grow older our need for a little more assistance in our day to day lives grows stronger as well. For many active seniors who want to retain their independence, the idea of a senior living community may bring about images that are not in tune with the reality. In fact, seniors who enjoy their independent lifestyles will find many advantages in the senior living community at Fremont.

The Carlton Plaza at Fremont offers seniors who want more out of life a place to live and enjoy their independence while getting the assistance they need from time to time. Our community is based on the idea that seniors need their independence while having conveniences which provide more comfort in their lives.

Our Beautiful Location – Senior Living Fremont

Fremont offers plenty of wonderful choices for the seniors who decide to reside in the Carlton Plaza. The town is a wonderful combination of modern conveniences with a small-town feel. Less than a block from the Carlton Plaza are numerous stores and restaurants in the Fremont Hub that include the following;

  • Target, Trader Joe’s and Dollar Tree
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond and CVS
  • Red Lobster, Chili’s, Elephant Bar and More

Such conveniences also include the nearby Kaiser and Washington Hospitals that offer the best in medical services. There are also quite a few top flight doctors who live and work in the immediate community as well. We understand the advantages that our location offers which attracts many seniors to the Carlton Plaza, but that is not all we provide.

Our Wonderful Community – Senior Living Fremont

What we offer seniors begins with our friendly, professional staff that offers supporting care that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. In fact, we provide award-winning caregiver training which ensures that our staff fully understand and responds to your needs in a prompt, professional manner. From medication management to assistance with bathing, grooming and dressing, you’ll find what you need to help you with the day to day needs in your life.

Plus, you can enjoy our wonderfully kept common grounds that include a beautiful garden courtyard complete with seating areas and walking paths where you can spend many hours with family and friends. Our interiors include a wonderful grand living room, library, private dining room for family events and a game room where you can spend hours enjoying time competing with those who live in our community as well.

Our apartments are clean and provide for the needs of seniors who can choose between the one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Plus, there is the alcove studio living space which is just right for someone who will be spending most of their time in the rest of our community.

Why Choose Senior Living at the Carlton Plaza at Fremont – Senior Living Fremont

For all the services and amenities, our community thrives on the wonderful seniors and staff that make up our senior living center. This is a very friendly, warm place filled with love and laughter that comes from seniors who still lead independent lives while getting the support they need on a daily basis.

We invite you to take a tour of our community and see why it has become a popular place for seniors to thrive.