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Carlton Senior Living Blog | March 11, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Senior Living Made Safe: Preventing Falls

home care of old ladyOne of the leading causes of injury in senior citizens is fall. According to various surveys, falls have become a leading cause of injury related hospital admissions of senior citizens. It is true that falls are common in older people. However, relatives and caregivers should understand the fact that these falls can be prevented. The chances of these incidences are dependent on the risk factors that one has in the home or assisted living home. However, it can be quite easy to change these risk factors. In the event that falls take place, the risk for injury can also be significantly reduced.

Assisted Living Guide to Reducing Risk of fall

In order to avoid falls or the injuries that come with experiencing one, it is best that you help the senior in improving strength, flexibility and balance. As we all know, all these characteristics deteriorate with age. Development of these skills can be done through various group as well as home exercise programs. In addition to this, the caregiver should also allow the seniors to wear shoes that fit comfortably. The shoes should be wide in the toe area, no heels, and the soles should be slip-resistant.

Improving safety inside the senior living home can also be done in order to prevent falls. This can be done by making sure that the home has adequate lighting. Use energy-efficient light bulbs with high wattage on the various parts of the home. During the night, it is best that you use plug-in lights or movement-sensitive lights in the bathroom and stairs area. In addition to that, always make sure that floors are clean from clutter. Last but not the least; make sure that the carpets and rugs do not have any wrinkles or tears that might cause the fall of the elderly.

Promoting safety outside the assisted living facility should also be taken into consideration. The best thing to do this is by regular maintenance of the outside area. Kill any fungi, mosses or lichen that make the outside paths slippery, especially when wet. Paths should always be swept. Make sure that all cracks or breaks in the outdoor path are addressed right away. Adequate lighting is also necessary. Last but not the least; remove any clutter in the outside area which may cause a fall.

Carlton Senior Living Creates Fall-Free Space for Their Seniors

The safety of seniors should be prioritized. That means that all senior homes must take all these necessary precautions to prevent falls in the elderly. Carlton Senior Living is an assisted living company providing high quality care to the seniors in the East Bay area of San Francisco. We have 11 senior living and assisted living apartments all over San Francisco, including Fremont, Sacramento, Pleasant Hill and a whole lot more.