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Carlton Senior Living Blog | September 22, 2014 | By Jonita Dixon

Senior Living Pleasant Hill – How to Choose a Senior Living Center?

How to Choose a Senior Living Center in Pleasant Hill California

Senior Living Pleasant Hill - Active senior people
There are a lot of considerations when considering living at an assisted living community. This is especially true when the individual needs of the residents are taken into consideration. While the decision to move away from the home can be a tough one, it is important to remember for those with medical and assistance needs that a living facility represents a new, exciting chapter in their lives to be explored.

However, it is important to choose the right facility in order to get the most benefits. While one option is the wonderful Chateau Senior Living Pleasant Hill California center, the importance of knowing what such facilities offer and their advantages needs to be taken into consideration.

What is Assisted Living? – Senior Living Pleasant Hill

Assisted living is supported living that comes from a professionally trained staff at a facility which is designed to meet the needs of their residents. As we grow older, we will have greater needs for medical attention and physical assistance in our daily lives. A facility that is geared towards such assistance will offers living quarters that are designed to meet the needs of seniors as well as cleaning, laundry and maintenance which take care of these daily tasks as well.

Choosing the right facility requires looking at a combination of elements that start with certification, location, amenities and proper staffing to ensure that all the needs of the residents are met. The amenities in particular are an aspect that people should consider strongly before moving into any facility.

The Amenities of Proper Senior Living Care – Senior Living Pleasant Hill

One of the most important aspects about proper senior living care is the amenities that are offered. At Chateau Senior Living Pleasant Hill California residents can expect quite a few amenities and more when choosing this facility.

Location: Perhaps the best amenity that is offered is the wonderful location and setting of the assisted living complex. Located near the Virginia Hills shopping center, there are plenty of shops, a pharmacy, restaurants and so much more that is a short distance away.

Award-Winning Living: The professional staff is here to assist residents with all the daily tasks in their lives that include bathing, dressing, and grooming and medication management. At Chateau Senior Living, the assistance is geared towards the resident’s needs.

Incredible Natural Surroundings: You really feel one with nature at this facility which has been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a “Backyard Wildlife Habitat”. This means that you’ll be close to nature complete with beautiful hummingbirds and many other types of wildlife nearby.

Licensed Vocational Nurse: On the premises seven days a week, the nurse is here to help residents with their medication, health and diabetic management as needed.

Living Facilities: The living quarters alone are quite sumptuous that start with one-bedroom apartments that include a separate living and dining areas along with a Master Suite and a patio or balcony area. Or, they can choose the Alcove studios that offer a patio or balcony and just enough room for residents who will spend most of their time interacting with others on the grounds.

At Chateau Senior Living Pleasant Hill California, you’ll find the living conditions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.