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Assisted Living | July 15, 2015 | By Jonita Dixon

Six Reasons That Assisted Living Is A Better Choice

Happy Senior Man and Physical Trainer Carlton Senior LivingWhen it comes to improving a seniors quality of life and overall wellness, there are several reasons as to why living in an assisted living facility would make for a better choice than living at home. This is nothing like a nursing home, an assisted living facility offers 24-hour access to personal care with wellness and nutrition services offered, all while the person maintains his or her independence.

Reason #1 – Supervised nutrition

It is almost impossible to supervise senior nutrition if the person still lives at home. It is a challenge to determine whether someone is receiving the necessary nutrients, and adults living alone might not find the thought of cooking for one very appealing. It is possible to receive three meals a day with assisted living, and oftentimes these meals are adjusted to meet different nutritional needs.

Reason #2 – Help with activities of daily living

Having to hire someone to help with the activities of daily living or having to do it yourself as a family often places a great deal of financial or personal strain on the family. However, when residing in an assisted living facility, this is one of the most basic tenants.

Reason #3 – The benefits of independence

The mere concept of maintaining your own independence is rewarding, even if you need a little help now and again. This offers access to an active and rewarding lifestyle while also helping seniors care for themselves. The family is no longer solely responsible for the needs of the individual. This often means that time spent together can become meaningful quality time rather than having to focus on chores and other necessities.

Reason #4 – Housekeeping and transportation – no problem

Few people look forward to doing the housekeeping – and with assisted living you do not have to worry about the day-to-day responsibilities any longer. If older adults reside in assisted living, most of these burdens are relieved. Many facilities even offer transportation services.

Reason #5 – A safe living environment

If the physical health for seniors does begin to wane, they would need a wide range of home modifications to be able to live safely at home. A few of the alternations would include medical alert systems and shower railings. However, these assisted living facilities are already equipped for accessibility and mobility. This makes these facilities a much safer place to live without any modifications.

Reason #6 – Chances for social activities

It can become rather isolating if you live at home with limited mobility. It is possible for seniors to socialize with peers rather easily in assisted living facilities. This is not only more fun, but isolation can lead to a number of different health issues as well. It is important to do everything possible to avoid feelings of isolation.

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