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Carlton Senior Living | January 5, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Suggestions On Getting A Senior To Drink More Water

senior-couple-toastingIt is essential that seniors drink plenty of water. Older adults often have a serious issue with dehydration. It is relatively straightforward to avoid this problem. However, increasing someone’s fluid intake might sound straightforward, but it can be rather difficult. Dehydration can be dangerous because it can lead to major health problems such as lowered blood pressure, a weak pulse, blood clot complications, and kidney stones.

Foods With Plenty Of Fluids

There are several different foods that have plenty of fluids in them. A few of these include strawberries, watermelon, peaches, cranberries, and raspberries. Vegetables that include a great deal of fluid include lettuce, cucumber, radish, and celery. There are many other options that you can try.

Other Fluids

It is important to understand that soups, fruit juices, or even a milkshake could lead to someone drinking more fluids. Even if it is not a particularly healthy food, it could still help with the intake of fluids. Another option is a fruit salad, whether it be juiced or not.

Make Sure That Water Is Accessible

Rather than encouraging someone to drink more water, perhaps it is much easier to keep water readily accessible. If you know that your loved one has a favorite place to sit, place a lightweight pitcher of water and a cup next to it.

Beverages At Different Temperatures

Some seniors might like ice-cold drinks, others might prefer their drinks to be boiling hot. Experiment and find out what their preference is. You can add soda water to make a drink a bit more bubbly, make decaf ice coffee with a hint of cream, or warm up juices a little. Experiment and see what is successful.

The Overall Concept

At some point, it might be more important that fluids be taken in rather than worrying about empty calories. However, you do have to be careful that you do not give high sodium drinks to someone who is struggling with high blood pressure. You also do not want to give someone who is already a diabetic heavily sweetened drinks, nor do you want to give someone with high cholesterol some milkshakes.