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Carlton Senior Living | February 23, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

The Best Birthday Gifts For The Elderly – Part 2


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Gift Cards: Not sure what to buy your elderly gift recipient? Why not get a gift card to a local department store, restaurant, or grocery store? The card will give them the cash they need to get whatever they want to get, and it saves you from buying a gift they will not use or appreciate. What’s more, a bit of money can help the elderly minimize their expenses. A card for a grocery store can be a good option if you want to ensure the individual is getting an adequate diet.

Health & Fitness-related Gifts: Keeping fit is important even for the elderly. By staying active, eating a good diet, and remaining lean, they can minimize issues related to cardiovascular conditions or other age-related health conditions. Gifting them the option to consult with a professional dietitian, naturopathic physician, or nutritionist is an excellent, healthy option. You can also find out what fitness options the senior has and gift them any in-home equipment they can use.

Medication Management Devices:  Often times, the elderly take a variety of medications, and keeping it all straight can get confusing. There are pill dispensers that you can get that go beyond the basic dispenser by adding a bit of technology into the mix. Take, for example, the MedMinder, a pill dispenser with digitalized features so you can program in the schedule for taking medication.

Memories and Keepsakes: When you are older, you have a lifetime of memories accumulated, some of which are captured in photos and videos. This makes photo books and scrapbooks a wonderful gift so your elderly loved one can put all of their memories and keepsakes in a single location. As an alternative, you will find music is a great stimulator of memory. To that end, why not get the elderly CDs, an iPod with their favorite music on it, or music on video. All of the latter can serve as a good source for music therapy.

Mobile Devices: When it comes to gifting mobile devices, you have many options available. Consider giving your elderly loved one a cell phone to help them remain in touch with everyone that they love. The phone can have the secondary purpose of serving as a lifeline for help when necessary. Also, consider gifting an iPad or tablet – it can serve as a great resource for accessing larger print reading material and for remaining entertained.

Towels: Fresh clean towels for the bathroom or kitchen are great gifts. Towels need to be replaced often so they make a wonderful gift. You can personalize them with a monogram. If you like embroidery, you can sew designs on the kitchen towels set as well and make them the kind of towels that hang off a drawer handle or doorknob.