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Carlton Senior Living | March 25, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

The Best Ways to Find Love After 65

seniors-in-loveIt should come as no surprise that a relationship and intimacy are still important after 65. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a partner to share our life with as we get older. Part of the problem is that we still approach love as though it is the exact same situation as during middle age. Fortunately, today’s aging population has more access to ways of finding love than any previous generation. These are some of our favorite ways to find love for people over the age of 65.

Tip #1 – Senior Living Communities

While it might be difficult to believe for some, many seniors find love and companionship in these senior living facilities. Whether we are talking about assisted living or independent living, sharing meals, activities, and lives together can help improve the overall quality of life for seniors. One of these facilities instantly removes one of the largest barriers that most seniors face – the fact that they are less mobile and thus unable to meet people.

Tip #2 – Community Centers

You can often find outings, celebrations, and fun festivities in these neighborhood community centers. Oftentimes seniors are able to gather, enjoy social stimulation, and just get a chance to meet one another. During the holidays, you might find that there are special celebrations and a special calendar of events. If you want to find people who share similar interests that you do, a senior community center might be a great way to do so.

Tip #3 – The Internet

If we look at the last time that most seniors were dating, this is the most notable difference. The Internet is able to bring together seniors that might otherwise have never met. According to recent studies, a large percentage of people throughout the country are actively using online dating sites or mobile dating apps to find a partner. A few of the different websites that cater to this specific population include:

  • eHarmony Senior Dating
  • Senior FriendFinder
  • AARP Dating
  • Our Time

Tip #4 – Local Neighborhood Stores and Activities

If you truly prefer the ‘traditional’ method of meeting people, venues for hobbies, libraries, and neighborhood grocery stores are great places to find a potential partner. Not only are these great for finding romantic partners, but also great for finding friends. While it might be a bit more challenging to find a romantic partner this way, it is certainly possible.

It Remains Important To Find Love

Regardless of age – happiness is important. As a senior citizen, companionship and intimacy still play an important role in our overall quality of life and our overall happiness. As you can see, there are always ways to find love, regardless of our age.