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Carlton Senior Living Blog | July 11, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Things To Avoid After Retirement

retired-seniors-playing-chessYou have finally reached the day you have long dreamed of; after working for years on end pouring your heart, sweat, tears, and blood into your work, you are not at the doors of retirement. Yes, it is bitter sweet and letting go of work is like letting go of an old friend because it is what you know – it is your comfort zone, and retirement, well … it promises comfort but it is unknown to you right now. Give it a chance and you will find retirement time can be the best time of your life if you make the most of it. Don’t plan for a long time sitting in a rocking chair on a porch somewhere sipping at rum and whittling a stick (okay, have some rum, but do away with the notion of whittling), and start planning to have some fun! Just make sure you are not doing anything you should not be doing…

Do Not Let Yourself Be Stereotyped

You do not have to do a darn thing you do not want to do when you are retired. You do not have to dress an expected way or behave as society deems. As long as what you are doing is legal, the retirement realm is yours do with it what you will. If you do not want to dress conservatively, feel free to wear polka dots and strips together or white after Labor Day! Through caution to the wind and do not be afraid to do things your way. You have long since paid in your dues that you deserve some serious freedoms.

You Still Need To Do Some Estate Planning So Does Not Avoid It

Yes, it is not a subject anyone wants to discuss, but the sooner you deal with it, the sooner you will not have to anymore. Yes, you want a long and enjoyable retirement and planning for one’s death is never any fun, but it is a responsibility too important to overlook or ignore. Getting your affairs in order will ensure your survivors are taken care of and understand your wishes. Have a meeting with financial advisors and legal counsel to make sure all your arrangements are made correctly.

Do Not Stop Learning New Things

Keep your mind fresh. Now you have loads of free time so you can spend it learning anything you want to learn about. Learning will strengthen the mind, fend off cognitive impairments, and improve memory. In addition, you will be expanding your horizons and making social connections as you do.

Do Not Rot Your Mind And Body Watching Binge TV And Becoming A Couch Potato

Get up off the couch, and participate in a community group. Start a book club, go for a walk, head to the local library, or go to the local gym and take a workout class for seniors. Remain active, health, and keep that blood circulating. Maximize your health and reduce your health care costs overall.

Do Not Turn Yourself Into An Introverted, Introspective Hermit

Do not become anti-social. Spend time with friends, family, and go out with some former coworkers occasionally. Remain connected to people; humans are social beings and benefit greatly from social connections. At minimum, get yourself a pet to keep you company.