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Assisted Living | June 10, 2015 | By Jonita Dixon

Two Key Benefits Of Assisted Living Versus Unassisted Living

Key Benefits of Assisted Living Happy Senior WomanEven though the nursing home has been the conventional choice for long-term care for elderly citizens, it has since made way for newer, better alternatives. Assisted care options for example are able to offer numerous benefits over the traditional nursing home. Especially because of the powerful modern healthcare system, it is possible for people to enjoy their independence for much longer than previously believed possible. These are some of the key benefits that an assisted living community has for seniors.

Increase the quality of life

If elderly citizens want to increase their quality of life and self-efficacy, it is important that intervention be kept to a minimum. If people are able to perform most of their daily chores themselves, a good assisted living facility is going to realize that, recognize that fact, and it will allow people to do their own thing. During assisted care, help is only offered if people are unable to do their chores appropriately or safely. This can be something as simple as offering transportation to the doctor’s office or offering reminders of what medications to take.

Catered to the individuals needs

Perhaps the primary reason that an assisted living facility is a much better option than unassisted living or a nursing home is because it is adaptable. It takes the needs of the individual into consideration and ensures that it adapts to the individual’s needs – rather than expect the individual to adapt to the situation. Someone who cannot remember small details has very different needs than someone who is no longer very mobile.

Why should someone who has a hard time getting around be stripped of his or her cooking privileges and why should someone who forgets when they last watered the garden be helped around in a wheelchair? It is important that people do not lose their privacy or independence

Care your way

There might come a time in everyone’s life that they are unable to care for themselves as they might like. However, if that time is not yet there, why should you have to give up things that you enjoy? Instead, make sure that you rely on an assisted living facility such as the ones that you find at carltonseniorliving.com, and find out why this is the new trend for people who are getting older.