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Carlton Senior Living Blog | May 23, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Why Visiting Loved Ones Keeps Them Young and Happy

senior-woman-greeting-children-coming-to-visitSpending time with our loved ones is not only fun, it also has a number of massive benefits for their overall health. These types of visits can help keep seniors emotionally happy and physically young. There are actual tangible benefits to these visits that most of us might not know about.

Reason #1 – You Can Create New Experiences And Memories

While we can look back at our cherished memories by reminiscing, that does not mean that we cannot enjoy some good times in the future. Visits can be both memorable and cheerful, whether you just grab a quick bite to eat or have a casual stroll around the block. We never know where our next favorite memories are going to come from.

Reason #2 – Help The Elderly Stay Emotionally Engaged

All of us feel a little blue sometime, and a visit can help bring back positive memories, but also remind us of what we are missing. Especially if our aging loved one is grieving the loss of a spouse or lives alone. When someone comes to visit, it helps him or her feel less lonely and more connected. Warding off stress and social isolation is especially important for seniors.

Reason #3 – Bring Back Positive Memories

There is something so rewarding and fun about reminiscing about the fun times that we have shared with our loved ones. We can prompt nostalgia through old photos, music, home videos, or just by sharing conversations. Those living with memory loss and dementia are able to benefit from this as well – because our most powerful memories are often connected to sounds, smells, or sights.

Reason #4 – Help You Prevent Elder Abuse And Notice Self-Neglect

A visit is able to tell you about any signs of self-neglect if our senior loved one lives alone. You might also find out if they are struggling to care for themselves, whether it be because of declining mobility, health or cognition. If you want to detect any problems early, make sure to learn the signs of common health problems and possible indicators of abuse.

Reason #5 – You Can Evaluate Well-being And Health

Arguably the most important reason to want to visit our loved ones is the one we saved for last – it gives you a chance to check up on their health and happiness. For example, if you have a loved one with a chronic illness, how are they dealing with it? Are they able to manage or do they require extra medication, finances, assistance, or care? This is a great way to pinpoint possible areas of need.

Visiting in a structured environment such as the ones offered at www.carltonseniorliving.com not only means that you are able to plan visits much easier, but also means that you have caring professionals around your loved ones in the event that you are unable to visit yourself.