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Caregiver Resources | March 21, 2016 | By Jonita Dixon

Vital Provisions for the Future

last-willWe might not like to think about it, but the truth is that there will be a time that our loved ones are unable to take care of themselves as they once could. This means that they will be unable to make their own decisions, and need family members and loved ones to step in for them. Oftentimes there are sharp disagreements between people when this happens.

If you have no preparations in place, this could be a very difficult situation where everyone wants something different and they end up fighting with one another. This is why it is a good idea to plan ahead before something does happen. There are four important factors to cover, and we will talk about all four.

Provision #1 – A Living Will

This document is vitally important if your loved one has specific demands or wishes in the event that they cannot convey these themselves. There might be specific wishes for certain procedures or you might have a situation where preferences for life-extending medical procedures become important. A living will ensures that everyone knows the preference of the person involved and no one is left having to make moral decisions later on.

Provision #2 – A Healthcare Proxy

There might be moments that our loved one is unable to communicate specific preferences when it comes to medical treatments – this is where a healthcare proxy is able to offer some help and assistance. They will be able to determine whether it is time for an assisted living community or what type of procedures should occur in the event of a medical emergency. In short, you have someone who is able to make the difficult medical decisions.

Provision #3 – The Power Of Attorney

If our loved one is incapable of making important decisions themselves, having a power of attorney means that a specific family member can make important decisions for them. Especially when it comes to estate planning, this can be insanely important. It is possible to assign a power of attorney to multiple people, but it is essential that these individuals be on the same page. It is also important that these people are both trustworthy and reliable.

Provision #4– Funeral Arrangements

Even though it might not be something that most people want to think about, funeral arrangements should be made ahead of time to ensure that the person involved gets the arrangement that they want. The stress over the loss of a loved one is great enough without having to worry about burial or cremation options and what specific arrangements should be made.