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Assisted Living | December 25, 2015 | By Jonita Dixon

Ways for Seniors to Stay Active

senior-woman-near-riverAs we get older, it is quite normal to see a decrease in mobility. You might find yourself struggling with feelings of fatigue, fragile bones, or sore joints. It is important to remember that staying active can be a great way to ‘get out there’ and enjoy what life has to offer. These are some ways that older people can exercise without putting themselves at risk.

Go For A Walk

While it does not feel like exercise, walking is a great way to get yourself a bit more active. You can strengthen your muscles and burn calories. If it is too hot outdoors, consider going in the evening or early morning when the temperature is cooler. Make sure that you bring a bottle of water to take with you to stay hydrated.

Take Up Gardening

Even though we might not see gardening as ‘exercise’, it is something that keeps you moving and helps you get outside. Even though it is not as intense as running, it burns more calories than you might initially think.

Go For A Swim

If you have access to an indoor pool, swimming is the quintessential year-round activity. It is an amazing way to strengthen muscles, maintain mobility, and it also helps keep you a bit more flexible. You might even able to enjoy water aerobics classes. These are a great way to get fit, without the strenuous exercise of the traditional aerobics classes.

Group Activities

Many of the better living facilities will offer fun and invigorating classes that are designed to keep people active. In addition to keeping active, you might be able to learn a skill or two. Perhaps you can try elder baseball, golf, indoor aerobics classes, or bowling.

Staying Active

At www.carltonseniorliving.com we work with a network of professionals who understand the importance of remaining mobile. Exercise might be able to delay the effects of aging. With the many different great options that you have available, you will be feeling great in no time.