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Carlton Senior Living Blog | June 1, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

What’s Your Color?

When you think about it we use our hands daily in so much of what we do. We speak with hand gestures, at times even more than we talk, we sign important documents and even create masterpieces with our hands. They can be used as universal signs of greeting those we meet or love with a handshake, a wave or blowing a kiss. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that for most of us we choose our nail color to display our personality as well. The beauty of this is that whether we are adventurous, loud and outgoing or soft spoken, subtle and introverted there is a color for you that will match impeccably!

In honor of National Nail Polish day we thought it was the perfect chance to display our fabulous residents and staff and the colors they choose to showcase who they are! For the communities that hosted a nail spa, for residents and staff, they found that it was a great chance to do something so simple in pampering someone else. They took great pride in knowing that by extending this it made people feel great, empowered, gorgeous, clean and beautiful!

At our Carlton Senior Living Davis community Bev (pictured above) makes the choice to have the perfect amount of bling! Roberta (also pictured above) is more than gorgeous with a stylish look of variety created by our very own Jesse Vasquez.

Our Carlton Senior Living Downtown Pleasant Hill Community hosted a “Come Get Pampered” nail party for our Associates.

Above, Personal Care Aide, Flor Amaya’s finished getting her nails painted. Flor explained that nails represent who we are so we must take care of them. She chose the color red because to her the color makes her feel beautiful and strong!

Below, our Driver Art had his nails painted by Personal Expressions Assistant, Ya-Ya. Art explained that “men should get their nails done too, it is a great way to relax and it’s worthy to maintain a good presentation of hands when interacting with others.”

Below, Tracey Ingleman, Executive Director and her daughter showcase the perfect “case of the blues.”

Our Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove Community hosts a weekly nail spa in their activity schedule. Check out below how Rosemary and Vera prove that the enjoyment of a nail spa starts before the color is even chosen!

Below Samantha, our Personal Expressions Manager and BJ believe in leaving a little sparkle everywhere they go!

Our resident Muriel and Memory Care Director Cynthia prove in the below photographs, that subtle colors such as mauve are just as beautiful as the more vibrant choices!

It is no question that Medication Technician Brandi, Executive Director Amanda and Retirement Counselor Misty all seem to be partial to the stunning “Tiffany Blue” color each adding in their own personal touch of flower art, display, or nail shape!

The Carlton Senior Living Fremont community got ready early for Friday with the gals! Their Thursday afternoon spa proved to be especially memorable for residents as managers sat in to offer pampering and color selection advice!