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Carlton Associates & Career News | July 11, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

2018 Annual Best of the Best Northern Winners

Carlton Senior Living’s “Best of the Best” awards honor associates, in all departments and all positions from our culinary team to our Executive Directors, who have gone above and beyond. These chosen individuals are honored quarterly and annually. They are those within our company who have provided particularly high-quality customer service in memorable experiences for our residents, their families and fellow associates. These individuals exemplify the Carlton Commitments to Love, Honor and Provide.

Annually each year, the annual “Best of the Best” winners are chosen out of those who had won in the past four quarters of the given year. The winners are then congratulated on being chosen and are invited with a guest to attend the Best of the Best Annual Awards Banquet at the Silverado Resort in Napa, Ca. In honor of them, the winner and their guest receive a complimentary stay at the Silverado Resort on the night of the banquet.

Our Northern region is comprised of four communities; our Carlton Senior Living Davis, Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove, Carlton Senior Living Sacramento and Carlton Senior Living Sacramento Enhanced communities.
We are proud to showcase our nine 2018 Annual Winners from the Northern region.

From the Carlton Senior Living Davis community we honor:


  • Ben Parker, Cook
    • Ben loves to be able to see the smile on our residents’ faces when they eat something he put his soul into. Many of Ben’s creations are truly delicious, but his chocolate banana cake blows everyone away and has people craving it and requesting it often. He loves what he does, respects the food he creates, he honors our residents, associates, and pretty much everyone he comes into contact with. 
  • Elvia Sotelo, Waitstaff
    • Elvia is consistent and hardworking. She leads by example and is very attentive to the residents.  She quickly learns resident preferences and uses this information to make residents feel extra special. Elvia takes all feedback as constructive criticism, patiently listening and providing solutions anytime she can. Her calming presence quickly diffuses any heated situations, bringing harmony to the dining room.
  • Lindsey Feifert, Director of Resident Services
    • Even before the community officially opened, the enthusiasm and love for her team and her passion for achievement was evident. She doesn’t sleep at night until she knows her residents are safe and provided for. She gracefully approaches every challenge, pulling from her huge array of knowledge and compassion to problem solve and manage risk. Her loyalty is infectious, and she loves fiercely.
  • Jessalyn Eernisse, Personal Expressions Manager
    • Jessalyn’s consistent and productive work ethic lead to the quick climb to her position. Jessalyn’s efficiency allows her to take on additional tasks, helping the greater community and her peers. Jessalyn’s leadership skills have proven effective in the love and respect her team has for her. She has mirrored that trust in her team allowing them the autonomy and support they appreciate and deserve. 

From the Carlton Senior Living Elk Grove community we honor:


  • Plao Lee, Personal Expressions Driver
    • Plao is deserving of the award based on his flexibility and customer service alone, however one outing really drives home. Plao was driving the bus to the movies on a rainy Wednesday when the breaks went out on the bus while driving, he was able to coast into the theater parking lot and get residents safely inside. He had the bus repaired and in proper working order before the ending credits rolled on the movie. He was the matinee star that day. 
  • Sherrilynn Geban, Personal Care Manager
    • Sherrilynn has been with Carlton for five years and has held many positions within the community but her heart belongs to Memory Care. Sherrilynn laughs, cries and works the floor with everyone. She will sing, dance and provide a second person assist without losing a beat.  She truly embodies Carlton’s commitments, Love, Honor, Provide.

From the Carlton Senior Living Sacramento community we honor:


  • Irene Dinkins, Dishwasher
    • We have never met a dishwasher quite like Irene.  She comes to work every day with a bright, big smile on her face and the best attitude ever. She says hello to everyone that comes in the kitchen, and asked them how they are doing, and she truly wants to know. She not only is always punctual, but she will continue to clean to her very last minute of her shift. Chef says “Irene is one in a million!”
  • Nhel Ligaya, Personal Caregiver (MC-PM)
    • Nhel has been a consistent caregiver in Memory Care for over 12 years. He was born to work with residents who have a diagnosis of dementia. He is very calm and caring. He takes his time with each of the residents making sure they are dressed well and ready for the day. Nhel truly loves the residents and wants a safe caring home for each of them, and if he can be a part of that, he is happy too. 
  • Emanuel “Manny” Dirar, Associate Director
    • Manny has a WOW factor that cannot truly be summarized into a single word or even a sentence. It’s his presence; it’s his big, kind, heart!  He is a team player who consistently shows up to assist anyone in need.  His work ethic is second to none and his leadership ability truly shines as he leads by example for all staff. The residents all love Manny. As we all say “Manny can do no wrong.”    

A special thank you to all of the Executive Directors for the amazing words they shared about each and everyone of the winning associates.