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Carlton Associates & Career News | July 11, 2019 | By Jessica Beck

2018 Annual Best of the Best South Bay Winners

Carlton Senior Living’s “Best of the Best” awards honor associates, in all departments and all positions from our culinary team to our Executive Directors, who have gone above and beyond. These chosen individuals are honored quarterly and annually. They are those within our company who have provided particularly high-quality customer service in memorable experiences for our residents, their families and fellow associates. These individuals exemplify the Carlton Commitments to Love, Honor and Provide.

Annually each year, the annual “Best of the Best” winners are chosen out of those who had won in the past four quarters of the given year. The winners are then congratulated on being chosen and are invited with a guest to attend the Best of the Best Annual Awards Banquet at the Silverado Resort in Napa, Ca. In honor of them, the winner and their guest receive a complimentary stay at the Silverado Resort on the night of the banquet.

Our East Bay region is comprised of three communities; our Carlton Senior Living San Jose, Carlton Senior Living San Leandro and our Carlton Senior Living Fremont communities. We are proud to showcase our ten 2018 Annual Winners from the South Bay region.

From the Carlton Senior Living Fremont community we honor:


  • Savitri Prakash, Personal Caregiver (AL-AM)
    • Savi has been an amazing caregiver with Carlton Senor Living Fremont for almost 18 years! Savi is always doing special things for the residents, sharing some of her delicious home cooked food or cutting out a favorite comic strip for one of the residents, etc. Savi is the definition of team work. Savi brings happiness wherever she goes and lives the Carlton Commitments each and every day.
  • Andrea Quintanilla, Resident Liaison
    • Andrea has a special way of making our new residents feel right at home very quickly and helps them form great friendships. She goes out of her way on a daily basis to make our residents and her co-workers feel special. Andrea goes above and beyond expectations and embodies the Carlton Commitments. 

From the Carlton Senior Living San Jose community we honor:

  • Luis Negrete, Maintenance Assistant
    • Luis has been at our San Jose Community for 1 year but in that short time he has made a huge difference in our community. His hard work and dedication to keep our residents safe has made him a favorite among residents, families and his co-workers. You can always count on Luis to have a big smile on his face even when times get hectic. 
  • Joshika Ram, Dining Room Manager
    • San Jose has been very lucky to have Joshika as our dining room manager for the last 10 years and part of the Carlton family the last 20 years. You will see Joshika walking the dining room greeting our residents and bringing warm bread to them at dinner. On several occasions Joshika has gone to the store to get resident’s their favorite food or drive around town to find the perfect flowers for the tables.

From the Carlton Senior Living San Leandro community we honor:

  • Parjit Sidhu, Medication Technician
    • Pam is an exceptional Med Tech who is very seasoned.  She is a super star and very dedicated to her work.  Pam is always willing to help, whether that is covering the front desk or helping other med techs, she brings great feedback on residents to the stand up meetings.
  • Geraldine Moguel, Nurse
    • Geraldine is like having a house MD in our community, she is extremely intelligent and so knowledgeable when it comes to clinical interventions.  We are so fortunate to have such a seasoned nurse who is truly an essential piece to our wellness team.  She is the behind the scenes person who has invested in teaching the management team the clinical piece to resident care and needs.  
  • Cora Ongoca, Personal Caregiver (MC-NOC)
    • Cora is one of our veteran NOC shift employees! She knows all the in’s & outs of the community and models key attributes to new and current employees.  She is always on top of her game and we are forever thankful for her being so dedicated to our company and Residents. She is also extremely reliable and dedicated to her role as the lead NOC shift caregiver. 
  • Gary Singh, Plant Operations Manager
    • Gary Singh is an exceptional leader.  His attention to detail exemplifies in every aspect of our community. Gary is a natural leader who is always available to help residents and respect them as his own family. He meets his deadlines, finds very creative ways to overcome challenges. He understands the importance of community operations and how each move impacts the community as a whole.
  • Eliana Serrano, MC Programming
    • It is always a delight to see an associate grow within our company and demonstrate how they can achieve higher positions and master their abilities with self motivation and willingness to learn.  Eliana is a perfect example of how that is done. She truly has dedicated herself to this role and position with tremendous passion.  She is a delight to have on the team.
  • Wilma Meregillano, Personal Caregiver (AL-NOC)
    • Wilma is an exceptional PC and person in general. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor keeps everyone engaged at night as well as keeps it fun. It is a blessing to have a NOC shift PC who is a seasoned Veteran that we can rely on and know they will always keep the residents interest and safety top priority. She is truly a caring and nurturing person by nature which is apparent in her first impressions. 

A special thank you to all of the Executive Directors for the amazing words they shared about each and everyone of the winning associates.