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Associates On The Move | March 8, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

USC Graduate Scholarship Awarded to Allison Groves

The USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology Graduate Scholarship is a full scholarship awarded annually to a qualified CALA member to complete a graduate level degree of their choice, either on-site or online. They can choose one of the following areas of study; Master of Arts in Gerontology, Master of Science in Gerontology, Master of Long-Term Care Administration, Master of Aging Services Management or Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.

Carlton Senior Living is honored that our very own Allison Groves, Director of Memory Care Operations was the proud recipient for 2017. With close to 10 years of experience in various dynamics of the gerontology field, Allison has chosen to pursue a degree in the Master of Arts in Gerontology. Upon being awarded this scholarship, she recalls that she felt “ecstatic!” The field of gerontology is continuously evolving, and she wants to immerse herself in the latest research, techniques, and skills so that she might better serve the residents at Carlton.

Before joining our Carlton family, Allison attended Ivy League Cornell University in New York where she earned her BS in Human Development with a concentration in aging and health along with a  minor in Gerontology. It would come as no surprise that since earning her degree, her motivation has only grown as she has expanded her knowledge and experience in working with seniors. She feels that her love of working with this population stems significantly from the opportunity she has had to learn from their life experiences.

Allison strives to enhance her knowledge of gerontology by working in multi-collaborative settings that have included Hospice, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living. During her time as a member of the Cornell Elderly Partnership, she volunteered with a lady who resided at a Skilled Nursing facility. It is because of this experience and the bond established that she felt compelled to work in a community setting. For Allison, she saw Assisted Living as being a “home” model that felt more holistic as opposed to the medical model she observed in the Skilled Nursing.

Having joined Carlton in January 2014, Allison has remained steadfast to the dedication and honor of serving our residents and their families. She began in the role of Director of Resident Services at our Davis location, and it was there that she was able to showcase her abilities to remain compassionate, diligent and focused on resident-centered care. Allison’s work ethic and passion exemplified her and had led to her continued success at Carlton.

In her current role, Allison oversees seven communities that host memory care dedicated neighborhoods. As a part of this role, she facilitates frequent training with the front line staff at Carlton. By obtaining her masters from the University of Southern California, she hopes to gain a more diversified understanding of knowledge in the area of gerontology that will help to make her training more effective. She hopes to ensure better support for the Memory Care Directors that she mentors on clinical and programming challenges that arise throughout the disease process.

When asked where she hopes to be in five years she stated, “I hope to be working at Carlton using my degree to better educate and serve the residents, staff, and families that we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis.”

We wish her much success in her continued journey of education and look forward to seeing the wonderful opportunities she brings to our residents, their families and our associates here at Carlton!


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