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Carlton Associates & Career News | February 23, 2020 | By Jessica Beck

Beautiful Moments to Behold with Carlton Leadership

As we close out National Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Staff Education Week, we recognize the important role of educating our staff; both community managers and those at our corporate office, with the tools to serve our residents living with a diagnosis of Memory Impairment. At Carlton Senior Living, one way we approach this goal is through our Carlton Senior Living Leadership.

The Leadership class occurs every year with a new group of dynamic professionals who have applied from all 11 communities as well as our Corporate office. They are each interviewed and then selected to embark on an intensified program, which offers individuals the vast opportunity to grow as a leader in their current role and to expand their horizons on next steps within their career at Carlton. Gaining insight during their exposure to various departments helps them learn the operational aspects of what it takes to lead a team at a community from the role of an Executive Director and how each department is a critical aspect to that success. The class which focuses on educating participants on our Memory Care Services and how we support individuals facing each stage and aspect of their diagnosis is critical to the overall commitment we have made to love, honor and provide for our residents and their families.

Within the day, that focuses on Memory Care and the diagnosis of a disease such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia, we highlight and utilize “The GEMS®: Brain Change Model” by Teepa Snow. This training is influential in helping leadership participants to understand the stages of the disease process through six gems; Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Amber, Ruby and Pearl.




Through the Positive Approach to Care Training, our team has learned from Teepa Snow the following six GEMS®:

  • Sapphire, true blue, is the person facing optimal cognition and maintaining a health brain.
  • Diamond, clear and sharp, is the person who prefers routines and rituals and resists change.
  • Emerald is the person who is green and on the go with a purpose.
  • Amber, caught in a moment of time, is the person driven by their environment.
  • Ruby, deep and strong, can’t stop when they are moving and can’t move when stopped.
  • Pearl, hidden within a shell, a person who recognizes familiar sensations and has beautiful moments to behold.


“The GEMS®” focus on what the individual still has not solely on what they have lost. Participants learn about each gem as they go through six stations. At each station they are involved in group discussions and hands-on training which promote a dialogue to open their perspectives of not only what the resident might be facing in that GEM stage but also how best to support them.




Read more about our Carlton Senior Living Leadership program and our PAC Certified Trainers.


A special thank you to Lindsey Flores, Vice President of Staff Development for providing us with these great photos to be showcased.