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Carlton Associates & Career News | August 28, 2018 | By Jessica Beck

Broadening Horizons with a Positive Approach

At Carlton Senior Living we believe firmly in empowering our team members to seek out and gain knowledge and insight from professionals in the field. Within the US and Canada, Teepa Snow is acknowledged as one of the leading educators on dementia and the care that accompanies it. One of Carlton’s very own, Katheryn Winter, Manager of Talent Acquisition recently attended two-day training with Teepa Snow to become a Positive Approach to Care certified trainer.

Katheryn, having graduated from UC Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development was extremely motivated to choose an internship with Carlton. She saw this opportunity as the perfect setting for a recent college graduate, such as herself, because it allowed her to gain firsthand experience in a field she held a keen interest in. She was given a chance to shadow in all community departments including but not limited to; clinical, culinary, activities and administration.

Having not had any prior experience or knowledge in assisted living or memory care she didn’t have an initial perspective on what to expect before the internship. However, being immersed in different roles during the intern process, she found it was a great way to learn about Carlton and gain an understanding of the type of care our setting provides for residents. She formulated a well-rounded knowledge of what senior living is and how all of the departments interact with each other to reach a common goal in assisting our residents with their individual needs. In her words, “introducing recent graduates to an industry that they potentially know little about…usually, this transforms into a love for senior living.”



Upon completing her internship with Carlton, it was no surprise that Katheryn discovered her values aligned closely with Carlton’s vision. She joined our HR and Staff Development team and was hired on as our Manager of Talent Acquisition. This opportunity allowed her to exercise leadership, management, and teamwork. She feels that “it is such a joy working with prospective staff, new staff and veteran staff in my everyday environment.” For Katheryn, she shared that Carlton has created a space for self-growth and personal development which has made her feel honored to be a part of a company that supports her as a professional.

When asked how the training she received from Teepa Snow changed her perspective on things she shared the following viewpoints. “The training with Teepa Snow was a huge learning experience for me. In college, I studied Human Development and was really interested in learning more about dementia. I have a grandmother living with dementia, which is what initially started my interest in this field. The training with Teepa Snow allowed me to be more empathetic and understanding to those persons living with dementia. I learned that my visual and verbal approach combined with physical touch has a huge impact on my communication with these residents. I learned that some residents may respond better to visual or physical cues, rather than verbal and vice versa. This training allowed me to challenge myself in better communicating with residents living with dementia.”


From all of her Carlton Senior Living family, we take a moment to congratulate her on her success thus far and cannot wait to see the next steps for her as a professional. We know that she will implement the knowledge gained from her training and experience with Teepa to empower our associates and help to support the dignity and independence of our residents facing memory progression.

Special thanks to Katheryn herself for taking the time to share her insight on this experience and the knowledge she has gained.